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Summer 2004


Current Usability Task Force Projects

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
Focus on Reports: FUSS is leading a series of sessions at the end of each Fiscal Administrators meeting to explain in detail specific aspects of reports and how to read them. Also included are hints and tips on running and scheduling reports.
Report recommendations: FUSS has recommended that ISDS implement a Period Name list of values in Discoverer in descending date order rather than alphabetical order. A related recommendation is that ISDS provide a method to sort Period Names in Discoverer reports in date order and allow users to select a fiscal year rather than selecting multiple periods.

Grants Task Force
• The Grants Task Force is prototyping an Award Expenditure Detail and BBA report with an Award carrying-out org parameter rather than a Project carrying-out org parameter.

HR Task Force
• The HR Task Force is prototyping a pivot/cross-tab table of employee expenses over a fiscal year by PTAEO that can be run by Project carrying-out org or Award carrying-out org.

HRD&T Goes On the Road
HRD&T is taking Integrated System training wherever it is needed, including into departments, according to Paul Orange, Director of Integrated System Training for the HR Division of Training.

“The HRD&T is here to assist users with any of their Integrated System training needs, whether it is attending a refresher course, setting up specialized training, or even visiting a department for some hands-on training,” he says. “We are here to help users succeed!”

If you would like to take Paul up on his offer, you may contact him at 4-8644 or email your specific requests to him at

Reconciliation Class Rolled Out
The Reconciliation class is now a reality. Tommye Arnold of General Accounting has taught five sessions: two for the Curry School, two for U.Va. Wise, and one for Internal Medicine.

“We would like to hold the class for groups of people who do similar work, or who work in the same department,” notes Arnold. “For example, I would like to tailor a class to people who work with grants, or those who have revenue generating projects.”

Departmental or school business administrators may contact Arnold at to schedule a class. If individuals are interested and cannot schedule a class as part of a larger unit, Arnold is maintaining a list and will schedule a class at some future date. The next class will be scheduled in August.

Hints and Tips

From Neal Grandy, College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
To view the status of any Integrated System request: Click "View" on the menu bar, then "Requests." Select the appropriate radio button to see all completed, in-process, or all of your requests regardless of status - and then click "Find."

View Notifications through your Navigator window
: There are a number of reasons your system notifications may not arrive via email. Security programs such as Zone Alarm and Spyware, as well as some pop-up blockers, could interfere. They may also be categorized as spam mail by spam blockers. Your best bet for now, to make sure you see your notifications, is to view them through your Navigator window.

From the Integrated System Customer Support Center
Reports: Don’t use the Cancel Query (“Press Cancel to end this database operation.”) feature unless you do not want the query to run.

• You can place documents on the Navigator (especially Payment Vouchers) while getting behind-the-scenes approvals.
• When approving purchasing documents, always approve from the Notifications Summary.

• To get the timecard in query mode, use F11 instead of View-Query By Example-Enter.
• To get the timecard to run for the information, use Ctrl F11 instead of View-Query By Example-Run.
• To pull a timecard for a Terminated Employee/Terminated Assignment, use the Payroll End Date and the Employee Number. (Terminated employees will not show up if you use Organization.) **8/10/04: It is now possible to query timecards for terminated employees/assignments by Organization.

Grants Management:
• When creating a new Project in Grants Management, you must copy a template, not an existing Project.
• When Concurrent Process is kicked off during Submitting/Baseline Award Budgets, be sure to view the concurrent process by navigating to View>Requests>Find. Select [Refresh] if the concurrent process is Pending/Running until completed; then close requests. Select [Find Draft] in the Award Budget to activate [Baseline] to confirm your Draft and Current regions are the same amounts. Repeat View Requests for each concurrent process.

From Human Resources
Attachments on SITs: Be careful when using the “attachment” feature on the Special Information form (SIT). You must first save your information in the “Details” section of the form before trying to add an attachment to a particular SIT. Then, click in the “Start Date” field, and add your attachment.

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.


Questions and Answers From Users

We encourage you to send questions, or answers to questions you have heard, to be included in future issues of IS Exchange. Please send them to Carole Horwitz at If your questions or answers are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.