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Summer 2004

The Waters Calm
As we had hoped, the 11i upgrade went smoothly and, once the j-Initiator hurdle was jumped, I.S. Customer Support Center calls quickly reverted to normal daily numbers.

The period of rapid fire change has subsided. “Users are entering a period of relative calm,” assures Virginia Evans, Assistant Vice President for Integrated System Deployment & Support (ISDS). “That is less true, however, for ISDS and the central offices.” MORE

IS User Survey Results In
Four hundred and fifty of our 1,900 Integrated System users responded to the I.S. User Survey distributed in April. While work on the 11i upgrade forced us to delay the publishing of the results, you can now view them on the survey website. MORE

With You in Mind
With the major system implementations behind us, ISDS has been able to look forward and do some strategic planning, with the focus on streamlining operations to provide better service. A number of initiatives have emerged, and many of those are already underway. Here are some of them, along with how you will benefit. MORE