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Summer 2005


Current Usability Task Force Projects

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
Focus on Reports: FUSS is continuing the series of sessions held just prior to Fiscal Administrators meetings to explain in detail specific aspects of reports and how they may help people with their daily work. The most recent sessions were:

  • Session 6: GL_Only Project Activity Detail Report (now has two new “Departmental” tabs)
  • Session 7: UVA PA Revenue vs Installment vs Project Funding vs Expenditures
  • Session 8: FM_Installment Modification by Organization Report

These sessions may be viewed on the Integrated System Reports web site

New FUSS initiatives include:

  • Reconstructing the Processing Funds to clearly present, for each type of money that comes in, who does what, when, and how.
  • An Award and Cash Management class, in conjunction with the Processing Funds web site, to help explain how to manage cash accounts effectively.
  • Cost Transfer class to explain what is valid, common errors, how to, etc.

HR Usability Task Force
New HR Task Force initiatives include:

  • LD report improvements in the areas of:
    • LD_Labor Schedules: Adding Org default and Suspense Account activity to the current individual schedules in the report.
    • LD_Labor Suspense errors: Former standard report will be a new Discoverer report.
    • LD_Pay & Distribution Adjustment History: Adding a new tab - “by employee-owning org.”

Payroll Reconciliation Task Force (a new usability task force)
Developing a new Payroll Reconciliation report: Allows user to see what hours and pay elements were entered, which were paid (after leave reversion), and at what rate. When used in conjunction with the new tab on the LD Pay & Distribution Adjustment History report (see above under HR/Payroll Usability Group initiatives), allows user to see full picture from what hours were entered to how pay was distributed.


Hints and Tips

Can we prevent Integrated System email notifications from being filtered as SPAM?
Unfortunately, there is no clear reason for the messages to be considered SPAM, so there is nothing specific in the formatting of the messages that could prevent it. ITC is not able to specifically exclude IS messages from the SPAM filter. Make sure to check your SPAM file regularly to determine if any IS messages were diverted there by mistake.

Why do I have to change my password so often?
Changing one’s password once a month is considered “best practice” for ensuring security of the system and protecting the user, as well. For more information, see “Security: A Necessary Nuisance.”

Why does the system time out so often during the day?
The system will time out if there is no activity for 90 minutes. This is for security (see “Security: A Necessary Nuisance.”) There have been other occasions when users are timed out while they are using the system. This is an issue of running an old version of VPN. You should be running version 4.05 or higher.

How can I view the Current News (pop-up window) without enabling all pop-up windows?
To allow the pop-ups for Current News that should occur when you click the ENTER button on the IS web site (and any other U.Va. applications), go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Privacy tab, settings button (lower right), and enter *

How can I navigate between two applications at the same time?
Log on twice and have two sessions going at the same time.

How can I be notified of system downtimes?
Regular hours for the system and the Operational Data Store (ODS) are posted on the IS web site. Planned and unplanned downtime is posted on the Current News (pops up when you click the ENTER button on the IS web site). You may also be added to the IS Downtimes mailing list by emailing

Can I change my own password if I only have Discoverer access?
Yes. Log on to the Integrated System and select the UVA ODS Specialist responsibility. Select “Please log on to ODS System.” Close the Find Request form, select Edit from the toolbar, then Preferences, then Change Password.

General Ledger
Can I print out a deposit transaction after it is entered?
If there are 8 or fewer lines, you can just do File -> Print when you complete the form. If there are more than 8 lines, run the GL standard report: Journals - General (180 Char), and enter the batch name in the parameters window. You will get a list of transactions in your batch and can print that. For more specific instructions on submitting a request, click here.

Grants Accounting
Can we have the “Automatic Bump” for gift accounts?
No, the automatic bump is not possible in the Integrated System because it would have to apply to everyone in the same way, and there are different rules for funding and budgeting gift money.

Can anything be done regarding encumbrances for 9-month employees?
For now, you can use the UVA Manual encumbrance subsystem to adjust encumbrances for 9 month employees.

Can I view expenditure type definitions in the application?
Yes. Any form that has an Expenditure Type list of values contains a detailed description of the expenditure types in the LOV window. This is viewable by expanding the LOV window by dragging the corner.

Why can’t I generate biweekly time cards for a future pay period?
If you generate time cards for a future pay period, you cannot take into account people who may be terminated in that future pay period. It is important that time cards not be generated for terminated employees.

How can I enter items by line and do receiving for each line in a standard LPO?

The “How Do I” navigation for creating LPOs shows you how to enter lists of articles purchased in the description field of the LPO line.

You can receive against an LPO if you wish. However, the receiving will be for your own records; it will not affect payment of invoices matched to the LPO.

How can I enter multiple items on ChemStores order without reentering the PTAEO for each item?
You can use preferences to default the PTAEO to each requisition line. Click here to see the How Do I navigation for preferences.

Is there an easy way to distribute charges for a purchase among multiple accounts without having to type them all in every time?
Unfortunately, there is no way to default multiple accounts for a purchase. Preferences only handles a single PTAEO.

How do I duplicate cells when filling out multiple purchase orders?
Place your cursor in the blank field. Do Shift F5, and the information from the field above will copy into the blank field.

Can I move the REQ NUMBER column and the PAYMENT VOUCHER NUMBER column for purchase requisitions and payment vouchers to the left side of the screen?
Yes. For instructions, click here.


Can I set Discoverer so that I don’t receive the message about query run time unless the query will take longer than a certain amount of time?
Yes, you can set a threshold, or even cancel the notice entirely. On the Discoverer menu bar, click TOOLS, OPTIONS, and choose the QUERY GOVENOR TAB, set the “Warn me if predicted query time exceeds” parameter to the desired threshold, or uncheck the check box to the left of the option to disable it all together.

Why do Discoverer reports sometimes take so long to run?
This could be due to a number of factors such as:
• Peak demand on the report server (first 10-14 days of the month). For the first two weeks of the month, consider scheduling reports to run off hours.
• Your report is retrieving a large amount of data. If you have created your own reports, you may not have applied conditions to limit the amount of data retrieved, for example, you can limit to your org, and/or a particular date range or period. Or you may choose to enroll in the course, ODS2: Discoverer 4.1 for 11i through the Human Resources Development & Training web site.
• Some reports just take a long time to run. We do monitor pre-defined report performance so we can identify and work on those that are the most problematic.

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.