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Summer 2005

IS User Survey Helps Set Agenda
Just as the first IS User Survey in 2004 helped guide ISDS activities over the past year, so the responses to the 2005 survey will focus ISDS on issues of primary concern to system users. MORE

Student Puzzle Pieces to be Assembled in Workshops
The University of Virginia exists to educate students. At the very base level, students are recruited, apply, enroll, attend class, take exams, and graduate. The infrastructure that allows all that and more to happen for 19,643 students in 154 different fields, on schedule, year after year, is extensive and is being examined and reconfigured through the Student System Project (SSP). MORE

Pilot Group Seeks Progress on PI Reports
Grants administrators have come up with a multitude of shadow systems to provide faculty with grant balances that were difficult to derive from the Integrated System. ISDS subsequently created a manual encumbrance subsystem as a standardized alternative to those shadow systems. While a number of administrators are using the subsystem successfully, it is still not widely used. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and ISDS would like to change that. MORE

Security: A Necessary Nuisance
Changing passwords every 45 days. Being timed out of the Integrated System after 90 minutes if there is no activity. Both of these annoyances prompted distress calls on the IS User Survey. MORE