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Winter 2005

Student Business Process Redesign Gets Underway

The holidays are over, and the Student System Project (SSP) has moved quickly out of the gate. With the first item of business being business process redesign, Charles Grisham, Director of the SSP, has gathered a cadre of knowledgeable people from schools and administrative departments to begin the task of documenting existing processes.

“We are looking at any administrative process that involves students,” says Grisham, “from sending out recruitment information to applying for graduation. This effort will serve to identify opportunities to make processes easier and faster. It will also allow us to better evaluate the student system products on the market in light of how well they can help us take advantage of those opportunities.”

“The most crucial part of this whole project is the direct involvement of the staff members who administer these many processes,” notes Grisham. “They are the true leaders of the project.”

To learn more about the Student System Redesign process, visit the Student System Project website.