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Winter 2005


Good Suggestions Coming In
The IS Suggestion Box email account that was established in December has already generated suggestions from Integrated System users that have been put into motion. Two enhancements are directly attributable to Suggestion Box messages:

• Providing the option to exclude labor encumbrances from the FM_Expenditure Detail by Project and FM_Expenditure Detail by Award reports
•Allowing users to set up GL Skeleton (template) Journals

In addition, two current task force initiatives originated from the Suggestion Box:

• Creating a Vendor Listing
• Revisions to LD Discoverer reports

The IS Suggestion Box is NOT the Help Desk, so please call the Integrated System Customer Support Center at 243-7550 if you have questions or problems. Please submit only your suggestions to improve the Integrated System to Thank you for your input!

Check Out the New and Improved Integrated System Glossary!

The FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions) task force has included many finance words and terms that are useful to users in the totally revised IS Functional Glossary. More HR/Payroll terms will be incorporated soon. A lot of work went into compiling this glossary. We hope it is useful to you. If you come across terms that are not included, but you feel should be, please send them to

Current Usability Task Force Projects

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
Focus on Reports: FUSS is continuing the series of sessions held just prior to Fiscal Administrators meetings to explain in detail specific aspects of reports and how to read them. The most recent session was: Session 5: Cash Balance By Project Report

Upcoming sessions:
o GL_Only Project Activity Detail (February)
o UVA PA Revenue vs Installment vs Funding vs Expenditures (March)

These sessions may be viewed on the Integrated System Reports web site

• With FUSS assistance, improvements were made to the following Discoverer reports:

o FM_Expenditure Detail by Project, and FM_Expenditure Detail by Award report changes include: Option to exclude labor encumbrances; Performance improvements.
o FM_Open Commitments by Project and FM_Open Commitments by Award report changes include:

  • new Sub-totals to match those in the BBA report.
  • F&A burden cost is now shown and broken out by F&A Costs Prsnl Svcs, and F&A Costs OTPS.
  • Option added to omit Integrated System Manual Encumbrances

o Beginning December 2004, prior year F&A labor encumbrances do not show on FM reports run for periods after November 2004.
o Beginning January 2005, prior period labor encumbrances do not show, regardless of how the “Show Labor Encumbrance” flag is set.

New FUSS initiatives include:

o Vendor Listing that will show vendor status in the following categories: eVA excluded; eVA refusing; DMBE certified; Contract Vendor
o Revised GL-Only Project Activity Detail Report – Departmental version
o New Award and Cash Management Class being developed

HR Usability Task Force
• With HR Usability Task Force assistance, the following Discoverer reports were created or improved:

o New date-tracked report of Supervisors and Employees by Org.
o Add additional columns to Noetix view: HR_Emp_Assign_Hist
o Drop terminated assignments from LD_Labor_Schedules report
o Add Supervisor name to UVA_HR_Employee_Label_Info report

New HR Task Force initiative: Revisions to LD reports to improve usability


Hints and Tips

Expanding LOV Window to see full text: List of Values windows can be expanded by grabbing the side or bottom of the window with your cursor (which turns into a double arrow when it is placed directly on the frame of the window) and dragging it out or down until all the columns and rows are visible. You can then expand the columns by placing your cursor on the column line in the gray bar in the LOV window (cursor will turn into a double arrow when placed directly on the line) and dragging the column line to the right until the full text is visible. (You can also shrink columns you are not interested in by dragging the column line to the left.) – from ISDS

Grants Accounting
Award Managers: When linking a Project to an Award for the first time (by funding the Project), do not create the Award Budget until the Project Status is "Approved" through Workflow. If you have questions, please contact the Integrated System Customer Support Center at 3-7550. – from ISDS

Human Resources – from Integrated System Customer Support Center

Problem: The system pops up a note and will not let me terminate my salaried employee.
Solution: You must run the PSP: Liquidate Encumbrances for Employee Termination process before you can terminate a salaried employee.

Problem: I want to hire someone who has an employee type of applicant.
Solution: Email in Central HR Recruiting and provide her with the social security number, effective date, and the type of employee you are hiring, and she will remove the applications so you can hire the employee.

Problem: I am hiring someone who comes up as a Medical Center Employee or Non UVA Employee.
Solution: Call the IS Customer Support Center. The Support Center will refer the case to University Human Resources, who will make the change. They will require the social security number or employee number and an effective date.

Problem: I need to rehire an ex-employee, but the system will not accept my final process date.
Solution: To date, in all cases the employee had just been terminated via an end employment, and the user was trying to rehire the next day. This would cause the final and actual dates to be equal, which is not allowed. Before submitting an end employment, it is important that departments find out if their employee is moving to another department versus leaving the University. You cannot have a final process date less than a payroll process date that has been run for that employee. For instance, if a payroll has been pulled in on that employee on 19-JAN-2005, the final process date can be on that date, but not before.

Problem: I need to change the home address to a foreign home address for one of my terminated employees.
Solution: If a final process date is not complete, you should enter the foreign home address as a secondary address.

Selecting Tabs: Discoverer reports often have more than the one tab that appears when you open the report. To view and select other tabs:
a. When you first enter the report, click “NO” when it asks “Do you want to run the query for the sheet…..”
b. Using the scrolling arrows at the bottom left, scroll to the right to view all tabs available.
c. Select desired tab and click “YES” to run the query. – from FUSS

New Parameters: From time to time, new parameters are added to Discoverer reports. Get in the habit of looking to see if the “NEXT” button on the bottom left of the parameter wizard box is highlighted. If it is, make sure you tab to the next page to see all report parameters. – from FUSS

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.