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Summer 2006

On-Line Shopping at U.Va. Due in December
December 2006 is the announced launch date for the University to implement UVA Marketplace, a new electronic procurement system. ISDS and Procurement Services have assembled a project team, headed by Terry Butler, Assistant Director of Procurement Services, and the kick-off meeting was held on May 26.

“We are very excited at the prospect of on-line shopping for the University community,” says Eric Denby, Director of Procurement Services. Virginia Evans, Assistant Vice President for ISDS adds, “The past several years have been devoted to implementing, upgrading, and stabilizing the Integrated System. Now we can take the next step.” MORE

684 IS Users Respond to IS User Survey
684 out of 1,770 users of the Integrated System responded to the 2006 IS User Survey; 146 submitted comments. “Overall, we are seeing increased satisfaction with the system,” says Virginia Evans, Assistant Vice President for ISDS. “This year, users rated it a 3.76 (out of 5), compared to 3.48 in 2004. There are still problem areas that we need to address, and we will use the survey responses to help direct our usability priorities." MORE

SSP Moves from Software to Consulting Vendor Selection
Now that PeopleSoft has been selected as the software vendor for the new student information system, the Student System Project is concentrating on selecting a consulting firm that can provide experience and expertise on PeopleSoft implementations in universities of comparable size and complexity. MORE