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Spring 2007

U.Va. Jobs Go Online

It’s almost here! ISDS has been working with University Human Resources and HR liaisons from across Grounds to select, design, test, and implement a new online applicant and position tracking system that will go live on July 30, 2007.

Called Jobs@UVa, the new system will allow job applicants to apply online, attach résumés or other documents, and get emails about specific postings. HR users will use the system when creating new positions, writing job descriptions, and posting jobs. Both kinds of customers will have 24/7 access to the Web-based system, replacing labor-intensive, paper-driven procedures.

“I am thrilled to offer this new system to all of our applicants and everyone involved in hiring here at U.Va.,” said Susan Carkeek, chief human resources officer at the University. “This is the first of several projects we hoping to undertake with ISDS, taking advantage of new technology to reduce paper and manual processing for our users.”

For more information on Jobs@UVa, including the plan for training, visit