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Spring 2007


New ISDS Staff

ISDS is excited to welcome two new team members who are looking forward to working with Integrated System users:

  • Kate Bakich joined ISDS on March 25 as Technical Director. She served as chief technology officer for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello) from 2000 until coming to U.Va.
  • Sue Clements joined ISDS on April 10th as the iProcurement/Purchasing/Inventory/Order Management functional analyst. Previously, Sue was the primary support analyst for the Medical Center's PeopleSoft financial applications and led the implementation of the purchasing and e-purchasing modules there. She takes the position previously held by Hedy Southard, who retired from the University.

Current Usability Task Force Projects

The IS Usability groups are regrouping after an intense effort to formulate and test the solutions referenced in We’re Listening! They are now turning their attention to new projects:

FUSS (Financial Usability & System Solutions)
FUSS members just completed assisting with the eVA billing report. Next steps will include efforts to improve that report following user feedback. Other projects coming up include:

  • Standardizing parameters used in FM reports
  • Exploring a one page, consolidated non-grant version of the PI funds available report (BBA)
  • Bringing standard reports currently run from the Integrated System into Discoverer, e.g., the UVA PA Revenue vs Installment vs Finding vs Budget vs Expenditures report

HR/Payroll Usability Group
Having completed the Payroll Reconciliation Report, members of this group will reconvene to explore other payroll issues that may require their attention.

PI Reporting Usability Group
As phase 2 of the PI report effort, group members will begin exploring issues that arose in testing the report, e.g., showing multiple projects for an award and showing the actual F&A rate in the header of the report. They also will explore the feasibility of creating a report based on the sponsor’s fiscal budget period.


Hints and Tips

For All Users:

What if I haven't received notice that my IS responsibility has been assigned?
If you have not received notification of receipt of your access form within 2 days, please contact Darinda Johnson and copy Shirley Proffitt.

Please note that a responsibility will not be activated until necessary training is completed by the employee. Once training has been completed, the employee will receive an email indicating the responsibility has been activated.

For Timekeepers:

  • Date Tracking: When the date track decision box appears (after you select Entry/Validation/Approval), do not assume you are on the current date. Select [Yes], [Reset], and [OK].

  • Always run the UVA OTM Standard Hours Exception Report prior to the Timekeeper deadline for salaried employee entries.

  • On the deadline date for salaried employee timecard entries, check your e-mail often. E-mails are sent throughout that day to Timekeepers who have any employees on the Exception report. Timekeepers are expected to make those corrections by 5:00 p.m. on that date.

For HRMS Specialists:

Changing an employee from 9 month to 12 month or vice versa:
A decision message is presented when the user changes the Salary Basis on an Assignment record. The message is:

"You have updated the assignment's salary basis. Do you want the application to automatically create a new salary proposal for the assignment's new salary basis? Choose Yes to automatically create a new salary proposal for the assignment's new salary basis. Choose No if you want to manually create the new salary proposal."

The user should always select "No" and create the new salary proposal manually.

For Discoverer users:

How do I change a user-defined report to default to the prior period for scheduling purposes?

  • Sheet, Edit Sheet, Calculation Tab
  • Create a new calculation named "‘Prior_Period" then cut and paste in this calculation:


  • Click OK
  • Click on the Conditions Tab
  • Modify the existing period parameter as follows:

Period_Name = Prior_Period


Note: Make sure the “Match case” option is checked.

  • Click OK
  • Save your changes
  • Schedule your report.
(Note: if you do not currently have scheduling privileges, you may send a request for scheduling privileges to

Please send your hints and tips to Carole Horwitz at so they may be included in the next issue of IS Exchange. If your tips are published, we will send you a thank you gift for helping out your fellow users of the Integrated System.