Integrated System Facts and Glossaries

This section of the website contains information about facts and terminology for the finance and human resources (IS) and student information (SIS) components of the Integrated System, part of ITS Enterprise Applications.

Finance/HR Interfaces & Data Flow
This document is a multi-layered presentation of how the finance and human resources modules connect and the information that flows between them.

Finance/HR Functional Glossary
This glossary defines financial, human resources/payroll, and Integrated System terms and acronyms that system users may encounter in the course of their work.

Finance/HR Technical Glossary
This glossary defines technical terminology sometimes used by Integrated System programmers. Knowledge of these concepts is not essential for use of the Integrated System. These are provided to assist system users when reviewing technical project documentation.

ITS Enterprise Applications Governance
This document outlines the ITS Enterprise Applications governance structure and lists advisory board members.