Service Pack 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) implemented a firewall and pop-up blocker that can adversely affect the use and performance of the Integrated System. The assistance of an LSP or other technical staff may be required to make the recommended changes.




Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) firewall may block access.

It is recommended that every PC run some sort of firewall to shield it from the public internet to reduce the possibility of compromise. Windows XP SP2 implemented a Microsoft firewall. Some examples of third party firewalls include ZoneAlarm, BlackIce, or an external device.

Access to the Integrated System while using the Windows Firewall has had the most success when "holes" were "poked" using a BAT file developed by ITS Microsystems. It is downloadable from: ITS Micro Systems Group. Please review the ADJUSTXPFW.BAT to ensure the holes comply with your department's security policy.

Vista: For the ADJUSTXPFW.BAT to take affect in Microsoft Vista, right-click the BAT file and choose "Run as Administrator".

While disabling the firewall is strongly discouraged, if it is necessary to disable the Windows XP Firewall, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Security Center, Windows Firewall, Off radio button, and OK.

Pop-up Blocker may prevent access to the Integrated System.

Most users don't really want to disable the pop-up blocker. They simply want it to quit interfering with their U.Va. access. The pop-up blocker can be configured to allow pop-ups from the IS site, or from any Virginia.EDU site.

To allow pop-ups from U.Va. sites (recommended): click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, Privacy tab, Settings button (lower right), in the Address of Web Site to Allow box, type * (include the asterisk), Add, Close, OK.

To turn it off completely (NOT recommended): click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, Privacy tab, UN-check the Block Pop-ups, Close.

Other pop-up blockers (example: from Google and Yahoo) usually may be configured to not block IS.

Indications that a pop-up blocker is on.
The first indication is System News fails to appear.
Go to Integrated System site, click "ENTER Integrated Systems Applications Here" button. If the System News window does not appear, a pop-up blocker is probably on.

Secondly, after the user logs in and selects a responsibility and task, Jinitiator is prevented from starting. Unfortunately, this may also be the same affect if VPN has not been started.