General Finance/HR Integrated System FAQs



Confidential Information

Are Social Security numbers visible within the system?
Social Security numbers and other confidential information will be hidden in the Operational Data Store. However, individuals with the PO Purchaser, PO Requester, all but one Labor Distribution responsibilities, several HR/Payroll responsibilities, and central office users will see social security numbers. All users who have access to this information will be required to sign an Electronic Access Agreement form prior to receiving access. Misuse of confidential information can be grounds for termination.

What data is not available in the Data Store?
The following data elements are considered to be restricted. This means that these elements are not available in the Operational Data Store (ODS). They are, however, available in certain areas of the Integrated System applications and users with appropriate Integrated System responsibilities will be able to access them for business reasons. Use of these and all other data elements will be governed by the Electronic Access Agreement that all Integrated System users will sign annually.


Where can I find documents on the web?
ITS-Enterprise Applications has placed selected, regularly updated, documents on its website for review by the University community. They may be viewed by going to the Finance Links and HR/Payroll Links websites.


Medical Center

When do I not have to use PTAEOs?
Under the following circumstances the PTAEO does not need to be used:

  1. When you are paying for services rendered by a Medical Center department. This transaction is to be processed on the MC Accounting System, which is PeopleSoft. It is not done on the University Integrated System. This would be the equivalent of a ledger 2 to ledger 2 transaction under the old system. It is a transaction between two Medical Center departments. The attached MC Journal Voucher should be filled out, approved, and sent to Accounting with supporting documentation attached.
  2. To pay outside vendor please contact Medical Center Purchasing.


What is a PTAEO?
The PTAEO is the account structure to which you charge expenses. It is a five-segment account that allows you to do enhanced reporting. For a definition of each segment, click here.

Can you provide me with an example of how to fill out the PTAEO information?
Project = 101472
Task = 101
Award = SG00025
Expenditure Type = Supplies & Materials, P-Card
Organization = 20055

How do I get an expenditure type?
The list of expenditure types and their descriptions may be found in the Discoverer report IS.FM_GM Expenditure Types. Log on to Discoverer (you must have the ODS Specialist Integrated System responsibility) and view the Discoverer report with this name. Expenditure Types are housed in the Funds (Grants) Management module. They represent the E values in the PTAEO. These values should be used whenever making purchases, scheduling labor, or doing cost transfers.



When can I create and use a PTAO card?
You will be able to go to a url to create your PTAO (the E will be provided by the service provider) card as soon as you receive notice that you can create a VPN account or once you receive your Integrated System password, whichever comes first. You must start the VPN before you can link to the card generator, but you do not have to log on to the Integrated System.

What are Mailing Services requirements for printing and copying the PTAO card?
For the barcode to be read by Mailing Services machines, the PTAEO card must be printed on a laser printer. White, light yellow and light green paper all work. Photocopies work best if they are copied from the original. Second generation copies should work, but third generation do not. Faxing copies of the PTAO card sometimes, but does not consistently, produce a readable barcode.

Systems Affected

What major information systems (e.g. Maximo) were NOT replaced by the Integrated System?
How does each interface with the Integrated System?

The Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) will not be replaced until Phase 3 of the project. There will be several interfaces between ISIS and the Integrated System to transact business in the areas of financial aid and collection and recording of tuition and fees.

Other systems (e.g., Maximo) may never be replaced by the Integrated System if they offer unique features required by the specific business operation. They will all, however, interface with the Integrated System in order to incorporate their financial information into the University's institutional reports.



How do I change my Integrated System password?



Password Reminders:

What is a strong password?

Will my password expire ?
Beginning April 24, 2014, passwords expire yearly.

Why did the system just lock me out?
The system will lock you out after three unsuccessful efforts to log on. If you forget your password or get locked out of the system, call 434-924-HELP (4357). Your new password will not work in Discoverer until the next day.

Discoverer will not lock you out unless your system password has expired. It will shutdown, however, after three failed attempts to log on. You will have to reopen Discoverer and try again.


Session Time Out or "Kick Out"

Why did I get a message saying my log on session is no longer valid?
Your Integrated System session will time-out if you have a form open for 90 minutes with no activity. You will receive an error message saying, "Your log on session is no longer valid. Would you like to log back on?" Respond YES, and it will bring up the log-on screen. Log on and continue.

Why do I get“kicked out” of the system, even while I am working in it?
While ITS-Enterprise Applications is exploring this issue further, there are two things to try if you frequently are kicked out of the system and it is not a “timed-out” situation (no key strokes for 90 minutes).

1. Be sure you are on the latest version of VPN (version 4.05).
2. Check to be sure your spyware is not creating the problem.

"Cancel Query"

What is the "Cancel Query" pop-up box telling me?
If it takes longer than 10 seconds to retrieve data, you will see a pop-up box that is titled “cancel query” that states “press to cancel to end this database operation.” Pressing cancel or clicking the “x” to close the box will end the query. Therefore, you should only select cancel or click “x” if the action is no longer needed.

Opening More than One Window

Can I open two windows/responsibilities simultaneously?
You can log on twice to have two windows open simultaneously.