UVa Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions




What’s the best way to search for items?
SciQuest has created a document that provides additional details on using their product search functionality and interpreting the results that you receive.  Click here to view that document.

If I only use the UVA PO Shopper responsibility, is there any way to reduce the number of clicks to get to the UVa Marketplace?
User preference setup in Oracle allows individual users to set a default start page.  After signing into Oracle, click on the Preferences link in the upper right hand corner of the page to open the General Preferences page.  In the Start Page section of that page, select your responsibility of UVA PO Shopper.  Then select UVa Marketplace from the Page drop down list.  Click Apply.  The next time that you log onto Oracle, you will be taken directly to the Oracle iProcurement home page, where you can easily enter the Marketplace or work with existing procurement-related documents.  If you no longer want the iProcurement home page to open automatically, simply return to the General Preferences page, remove the responsibility and page names from the Start Page section and apply those changes.

NOTE:  If you have set your default home page to iProcurement, you will need to click the ‘Home’ link in the upper right hand corner of the page to get to the eBusiness Suite Home page from where you can access other responsibilities (i.e. UVA Employee Self-Service to view your payslip, enter your time, change your personal information or search for a class).

How do I know whether SciQuest will deliver my purchase order to the supplier, or whether I need to do this?
When a purchase order is created and approved, you, as the buyer, receive an email notification stating such.  Within that email notification, you will find the ‘order delivery method’ listed.  If that field says ‘User Must Deliver PO,’ you must get your order to the vendor.


How can I deliver my PO to the vendor if SciQuest won’t?
You can place your order with the vendor by phone or fax.

How can I get a copy of the PO to send manually?
You can print a copy of the Purchase Order in SciQuest.  Within SciQuest, click on the ‘History’ link near the top of the page.  When the Search by PO page opens, enter the PO number that you wish to print and click Search.  When the PO is returned in your search results, click on the PO number to open the PO details.  Select ‘Print Fax Version’ from the Available Actions drop down list on the right side of the page and then click Go.   A new window will open containing the printable version of the purchase order.  Print this PO version and use it for calling in or faxing your order.  Once the PO has been printed, close that window.  Click the ‘Home’ link near the top of the page to get back to the main SciQuest page where you can begin entering a new request.

How can I make changes to an existing PO?  Who communicates my changes to the vendor?
Once a PO has been created, all changes to the PO should be made on the PO Summary form in the core Oracle application.  PO Shoppers do not have access to core Oracle applications, and therefore, will need to ask a PO Purchaser or PO Requester in their area to make all changes to existing purchase orders.  At this time, SciQuest does NOT deliver PO revisions to the vendor, therefore ALL purchase order changes must be communicated to the vendor by the buyer on the PO.


How can I easily add multiple non-catalog items for the same vendor to my cart?
If you have several non-catalog items that you wish to add to your cart for the same vendor, select the available action of ‘Add to Cart and Return’ (as opposed to Add and go to Cart) before pressing the Go button in the upper right hand corner.  This action will add the non-catalog item that you have entered to your cart, and then clear out the non-catalog form except for the vendor so that you can enter your next item’s details.  Once all of your items have been added for the vendor, simply close the non-catalog form using the close button and click on your cart name to move to your cart where you may check out.

How can I save favorites, and then, how can I use them once they’re saved?
You can add items to your favorites from several places throughout the SciQuest application:

PLEASE NOTE:  You CANNOT save punch-out items to the SciQuest favorites list.  Check the individual vendors’ punch-out sites for favorite list functionality.

Once you have added items to your favorites, use the My Favorites link within SciQuest to review, manage and select items from your favorites.  Note that within the ‘Edit Folders’ section, you can create subfolders within your Personal My Favorites folder to further sort your favorites (i.e. by vendor).
If you wish to set up favorites that can be shared by other individuals, please contact Meredith Dixon, Procurement Services’ Assistant Director for Information Technology at 982-2006.


Can I save non-catalog items as favorites?  If so, how do I update the price when I add them to my cart the next time?
As indicated above, you can save non-catalog items in your favorites list.  In the future, once you’ve added that item to your cart, you can click on the item description to open the non-catalog form where the price can be updated.

Where can I learn more about how to use the UVa Marketplace functionality?
UHR Employee Development has created an online training module called iProcurement and the UVa Marketplace.  You may register for this course through the Learner Home page within your UVA Employee Self-Service responsibility.  Once you have registered, you will be provided a link that you will use to access the training.

How can I prevent getting cross-site scripting errors when returning carts from the UVa Marketplace to the Integrated System?
Users may encounter this error when navigating from SciQuest (with items in their cart) back to the Integrated System while using the Internet Explorer browser.

If you have the ability to update your computer, then we recommend the following:

  1. Add *.virginia.edu to the Trusted Sites list from an Internet Explorer window:
    1. Tools>Internet Options
    2. Security Tab
    3. Trusted Sites
    4. Sites
    5. Enter "*.virginia.edu" in the "Add this website to the zone" box
    6. Click Add
    7. Close
  2. Next, disable the cross-site scripting filter in the Trusted Sites zone from an Internet Explorer window:
    1. Tools>Internet Options
    2. Security Tab
    3. Trusted Sites
    4. Custom Level
    5. Scroll down to the "Scripting" section to disable the XSS filter
    6. Click OK
    7. Restart Internet Explorer

If you do not have the ability to update your computer, then contact your departmental LSP (Academic) or HS/TS (Health Systems/Technology Services at 924-5334 for those in the Medical Center) for assistance.