Requesting System Access Frequently Asked Questions



What are the Enterprise Application Systems?

Click on the circle for system descriptions.

EA diagram: Three administrative 
information systems are HR/Finance Integrated System, Student Information System (SIS), 
and Document Imaging System. All three are separate systems, but share data. The reporting 
environment for HR/Finance is Discoverer/ODS; the reporting environment for SIS is 
Discoverer/SIS Reporting.

HR/Finance Student Information System (SIS) Document Imaging System Discoverer/ODS Discoverer/SIS Reporting

These systems contain sensitive data, so for protection, users must:

For complete details, review the Administrative Data Access Policy.

When will access be granted?

Access will be granted when:

NOTE: When all the steps above are finished, it takes one to two business days for the token profile to be updated with the responsibility(s).

How do I login once access is granted?

The employee:

Why is the employee's name grayed out in ESHARP?