Finance/HR Self Service Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions and answers pertaining to Self Service Time & Leave (SSTL) in the Finance and Human Resources components of the Integrated System.



For the best experience with UVA Enterprise Applications and the Integrated System, use one of the supported operating systems & browsers.

See also the specific Oracle-recommended settings for Macs and important additional info & recommendations for cache-clearing and pop-up blockers.

How do I change my Integrated System password?



Password Reminders:

What is a strong password?

Will my password expire?
Beginning April 24, 2014, passwords expire yearly.

Why did the system just lock me out?
The system will lock you out after three unsuccessful efforts to log on. If you forget your password or get locked out of the system, you can use the self-service link on the login page to reset your password. If you are unable to reset your password online, contact the HR Service Center at 434-982-0123. Your new password will not work in Discoverer until the next day.

Discoverer will not lock you out unless your system password has expired. It will shutdown, however, after three failed attempts to log on. You will have to reopen Discoverer and try again.

Why did I get a message saying my log on session is no longer valid?
Your Integrated System session will time-out if you have a form open for 90 minutes with no activity. You will receive an error message saying, "Your log on session is no longer valid. Would you like to log back on?" Respond YES, and it will bring up the log-on screen. Log on and continue.

Why do I get “kicked out” of the system, even while I am working in it?
While ITS-Enterprise Applications is exploring this issue further, there are two things to try if you frequently are kicked out of the system and it is not a “timed-out” situation (no key strokes for 90 minutes).

1. Be sure you are on the latest version of VPN.
2. Check to be sure your spyware is not creating the problem.

How do I view my on-line W2?
Unlike the on-line Payslip, Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your computer in order to view your W2. You can download Adobe Reader free from ITS's Software Gateway or from the Adobe website. Once Adobe Acrobat is installed, log onto the Integrated System Self Service and select Employee W2. For information on how to log on to Self Service, click here.

What if I use Self Service from a computer that is not my own?
If you use a computer that is not your own to view Self Service information such as Payslip or W2, be sure to clear the cache of the Internet browser before you log off. To do so, using Internet Explorer, select Tools from the browser toolbar, then select Internet Options. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click "Delete Files," then check "Delete all offline content." In the History section of the General tab, click "Clear History." Then you can close all browser windows.

Why are leave balances not on the payslips?
To include leave balances on payslips would require a customization, and the balances are available as a drop-down at the top of each new timecard.

Can I print a payslip onto one page?
The ability to print a payslip onto one page is dependent on the number of elements each individual has on their payslip. However, to minimize the amount of information you are printing, highlight your payslip without including the header or footer, select File -> Print, and click the “Selection” button, then Print.