Definition of PTAEO

P = Project

A major activity such as a grant, a departmental instructional program or a student services activity. Individual units are responsible for deciding what they want their projects to be.

T = Task

A further breakdown of the project. Could be a building, a sub-activity such as writing a report, or a division within the project. All projects have at least one task. At go-live there will be only one default task (101) for each project.

A = Award

A source of funds that supports one or more projects. Could be a grant, a state award or an endowment award.

E = Expenditure Type

Equivalent to an object code in today's world. Could be faculty salaries, electronic equipment or office supplies.

O = Organization

All units at UVA will have an organization code that is used by all of the Oracle applications. Projects are owned by an Org, Awards are owned by an Org, and all transactions are tagged with an Org.


PTAEO Example

Project = 101472
Task = 101
Award = SG00025
Expenditure Type = Supplies, Office
Organization = 20055