Changing your ODS Database Password

Please note: This page is discussing ODS database passwords, not the password used in Discoverer on the ODS.





Options for changing your ODS password using Microsoft Access and Excel

In each one, you will need to enter the following Oracle SQL syntax to change your password:

alter user your_userid identified by new_password

In Access, you can do this using an SQL Pass-Through Query. To do this, create a New Query. Close the Show Table box without selecting any tables. Then from the menu, choose Query, SQL Specific, Pass-Through. Enter the SQL above and execute the query. The Select Data Source dialog box will appear. Choose your ODS data source and log in using your old password. You will receive the message Pass-through query with Return Records property set to True did not return any records. If you do not receive any other message, your password has been changed. (If you receive error messages, try the query again, but add a semi-colon at the end after the new password. Some drivers don't allow the semi-colon; other will take it either way, but there may be some that require the semi-colon.)

In Excel, log into the ODS through Microsoft Query as if you were creating a new database query. When the Add Tables box appears, close it. Click the SQL button on the toolbar. Enter the SQL above and click OK. You will get the message SQL can't be represented graphically. Continue anyway? Click OK. You should receive the message Executed SQL Statement successfully.

If you forget your ODS database password, write to and include a telephone number where you can be reached.

Rules for passwords

The rules for Oracle database passwords and Oracle application passwords are not quite the same. When choosing a password for your ODS database account, please note the following rules: