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SecureFX/File Transfer Setup and Issues

Activate UVa Identity Token | Install SecureFX | Configure SecureFX | Troubleshooting

How to activate your UVa Identity Token for FTP access

  • Make sure your UVa Identity Token is plugged in.
  • Navigate with IE to Identity Tokendemo
  • Input your UVa Identity Token password when prompted
  • The next window will contain information regarding your UVa Identity Token.  Copy and paste this information into an email and send it to the
  • In the subject of the message include something similar regarding the servers that you are trying to gain access to
  • You will receive confirmation as soon as your account is configured for access.  At this point you may proceed to installing the software.

How to install SecureFX

How to configure SecureFX

  • Download and run
  • Extract the files to a directory that is easy to find
  • Navigate to this directory once the files are extracted
  • Double click the "Run Me.bat" file
  • Open SecureFX, there should now be profiles for SIS servers in your profile list
  • Double Click the server you wish to connect to
  • Enter your Computing ID when prompted
  • If prompted for a New Host Key, select "Accept and Save"
  • You should be given instructions on how to navigate to the correct directory

Troubleshooting Help

Error "Public-key authentication with the server for user failed. Please verify username and public/private key pair"

  • The user has not been properly given access to the FTP server. Please contact SIS to have your access checked.