PS Campus Solutions Terminology

A new terminology will emerge from the Campus Solutions student system implementation. Here is a starting primer from the PeopleSoft website for future reference.



Campus Community

Campus Community provides a common source of campus data, coordinating all forms of communication to help you manage your administrative services. It captures all prospect, applicant, student, alumni, and organizational data, then secures it, tracks it, and delivers what you need upon request. With Campus Community, you can
Establish rules or events to trigger automatic assignment of sets of communication-oriented records throughout Student Administration
Track all incoming and outgoing communication
Create checklists to automate activities
Create event templates, identify staffing needs, track attendance, and review results
Define committees, identify members, and maintain history
Define reciprocal relationships and manage joint communications
Maintain multiple names and addresses with effective dates, email addresses, and URLs
Manage other demographic data—residency, medical and emergency contacts, and extracurricular activities
Enable constituents to maintain their own data via the web

Academic Structure

Academic Structure helps define how the University organizes its colleges, academic departments, majors, and concentrations.
It defines what degrees are offered, how academic terms are established, what calendar is used, etc.


Recruiting and Admissions

Recruiting and Admissions helps you plan, manage, and track recruitment and admissions activities. This recruiting software solution provides comprehensive and flexible data collection, processing, and control to enhance your institution's academic service and meet your goals. With Recruiting and Admissions, you can
Plan and coordinate independent recruitment programs targeted to specific student populations
Match recruiters to prospective students based on region or special interest and monitor your progress toward enrollment targets
Load transcripts, tests, and applications from external agencies and central application services
Capture and analyze student recruiting information from multiple sources, including test loads
Tailor your admissions system according to your institution's varied requirements and evaluation practices
Enable students to apply, track application status, accept or decline admission, and pay deposit fees—all online
Set and monitor enrollment targets, track progress toward recruiting efforts, and analyze admissions decisions and patterns

Financial Aid

Financial Aid automates federal and institutional financial aid processing to ensure more efficient operations. Department of Education regulations are built into the software, so your institution remains in compliance. With Financial Aid processing software, you can
Tailor financial aid management to your business rules and practices
Track applications, control Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) loads, and maintain an ISIR audit trail
Design a cost-of-attendance assessment, create student budgets, and calculate needs analysis
Automatically generate aid awards and packages
Ensure that an award complies with eligibility, then disburse it to the student's account
Process and track federal, state, university, and alternative loans


Student Financials

Student Financials is an essential tool for managing student and external organization accounts. You can manage and calculate all student financial information, including tuition, fees, receivables, billing, payment plans, and refunds. With Student Financials, you can
Open new accounts easily
Monitor and update student and third-party accounts
Calculate tuition and fees on an individual or group level
Check account balances and post transactions
Generate unique bills for students and third-party sponsors—by department, cycle, and "account past-due" messages
Automate receivables management
Tailor payment plans
Monitor delinquent accounts

Student Records

Student Records helps you manage all aspects of enrollment, including catalog and class schedule maintenance, transfer credits, requisite restrictions, class start and end dates, wait lists, academic programs, transcripts, and analysis. With Student Records, you can
Expedite enrollment by processing all permission, deadline, and other course requirements online
Administer enrollment by creating and assigning enrollment appointments to customized student populations
Build dynamic academic calendars for self-paced classes to calculate significant dates, such as drop and withdrawal deadlines
Evaluate course credit transfers and make adjustments to present the best-case scenario
Calculate academic statistics and report results
Customize transcript production and process multiple requests
Establish customized grading guidelines

Improve record maintenance and organization

Maintain course catalog, enrollment, and grading information in a single database