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For the academic year, 2008-2009, the Hollingsworth Lecturers in Ethics will be Tom L. Beauchamp (Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University), September 11 and 12, and Willis Jenkins (Yale University Divinity School), November 20.  More information about these visits will appear on the Calendar closer to these events. 

In addition, the Institute will sponsor a lecture series on Liberty and Coercion in Public Health.  Most of the lectures will be in the fall—Ronald Bayer (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University); James Childress (University of Virginia); James Colgrove (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University); Ezekiel Emanuel (Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health); Ruth Faden (Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health); Amy Fairchild (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University); Lainie Ross (University of Chicago); Mark Rothstein (University of Louisville); Griffin Trotter (St. Louis University).

For the schedule of these lectures, see LINK or Calendar.  During second semester, other lecturers in this series will include Larry Gostin (Georgetown University Law Center) and H. Tristram Engelhardt (Rice University).


In recent years, the Institute has sponsored visiting lecturers in several areas.  In 2007-2008, Ron Green (The Ethics Institute, Dartmouth College) was the first Hollingsworth Lecturer in Ethics.  In 2006, the Institute sponsored a major conference on Buying and Selling Organs for Transplantation.

Other visiting lecturers have included: Alexander Capron (University of Southern California); Pauline Chen (writer); Francis Collins (National Human Genome Research Institute); Donald Cowart (Attorney); Norman Daniels (Harvard University); Rebecca Dresser (Washington University in St. Louis); Paul Farmer (Harvard Medical School and Partners in Health); Jonathan Glover (King’s College, London); Gregory Gramelspacher (Indiana University); Ronald Green (Dartmouth); Kim Hopper (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University); He Huaihong (Beijing University); Wolfgang Huber (Humboldt University and University of Heidelberg); Albert Jonsen (Professor Emeritus, University of Washington School of Medicine); William Kittredge (University of Montana); Bernard Lo (University of California San Francisco); Stephen Miles (University of Minnesota); Farhat Moazam (Centre of Biomedical Ethics & Culture, Karachi, Pakistan); Tom Murray (Hastings Center); Helena Nygren-Krug (World Health Organization); Baroness Onora O’Neill (Cambridge University); Sister Helen Prejean (author); Mark Rothstein (University of Louisville); Gil Siegal (Haifa University, Israel); Brian Stock (University of Toronto); Robert M. Veatch (Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University); Robin Wilson (Washington and Lee School of Law).