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IRC Spring/Summer Travel & Learn Award Program


This goal of this travel & learn award is to strengthen the international character and interactions of IRC student members while ensuring a strong focus on academics.  The award specifically provides up to $1000 travel expenses for qualified study abroad expenses during the Spring Break or Summer Break.

Applications should be submitted by November 8th, 2013 to IRC Director of Studies ( as a PDF document that addresses all four of the following aspects with a total document length of 500 words or less:

1) Study Abroad Plans:  identify the dates and locations of the study abroad, the description of the program, and the amount of course credit you expect to receive.

2) Expected Academic Impact:  explain how this study abroad integrates into your overall academic goals.

3)  Expected Cultural Impact:  explain how the travel location/country will add to or enhance your exposure to other cultures and/or societies.

4)  Financial Impact:  Identify the amount of funding that is requested and explain how this support will improve your ability to take advantage of a study abroad opportunity.

Restrictions for Travel & Learn Award Applicants:

1)  Travel must be to a country that the IRC student has NOT previously visited for more than one month in total in their lifetime.

2)  Students must reside at the IRC for the Spring and Fall 2014 and must share their experiences with future study abroad applicants during a Fall 2014 meeting.

It is anticipated that awards will be announced by November 22, 2013, and amounts will depend on funding availability and will be conditional on a student's completion of their study abroad program and the above restrictions.



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