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Student Award

                                                IRC Student Award Program


The goal is to recognize outstanding student achievement and contributions at the IRC through formal awards to individual students and to encourage academics through an informal award to one IRC house.

Individual Awards

The four categories (Scholar, Leader, Fellow and Athlete) are given below and awardees would be named one for each of the four houses (Gwathmey, Munford, Lewis and Hoxton) for a total of 16 awards (e.g., the Hoxton Scholar ,the Lewis Athlete, etc. )  All awards are based on activities completed while at IRC in the current academic year (August 2013-March 2014).  Awardees will be recognized on the IRC web-page and a reception (e.g. dinner) for awardees will be held at Morea House in late April.


Individual Awards applications are due March 15, 2014 with decisions by IRC Staff and Council expected in early April.  To apply, simply e-mail PDF document based on the following guidelines.  Student Council and RA's are not eligible for these awards.


Submit application to the Principal ( that includes:

a.  description (400 words maximum) of your unique scholarly activities

b.  one-page resume including UVA GPA (minimum of 3.5 required)

Student Fellow:

Submit application to Minister of Community Operations ( that includes description (400 words maximum) of:

a.  volunteer activities in support of IRC and fellow IRC students

b.  volunteer activiites supporting people outside of UVA community


Submit application to Director of Studies ( that includes a description (400 words maximum) of leadership activities.


Submit an applicaiton to the Minister of Recreation ( that includes a desription (200 words maximum) of IRC athletic team activities.

The "Emmet Table"

The house with the highest average GPA for each semester would host the antique Emmet Table in the following semester.  The table (pictured on right) would be placed in one of the house's lounges as determined by the most senior RA of that house.  In the summer, the Emmet Table will be held at Morea House.  Note that the IRC will not gather GPA on individual students and will only request the overall average GPA for a house to determine this award.



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