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Academic Programming

The IRC has strong academic programming. "Academic programming" does not necessarily imply for-credit courses or even lectures by distinguished faculty although we do offer those. It is our desire to get students to view intellectual discourse as a part of their normal life, not something separate. We have been very successful in our academic programs and plan to build on our successes in the future. We provide numerous and varied "small opportunities," so that the "doors to the world's offerings" swing wide open.

University Seminars

Leadership by Design
2 Credit Course
Tuesday 2:00-3:50
Pavilion VIII, Room 103
Marga Odahowski, Faculty, McIntire School of Commerce

Throughout our careers and in life we are called to lead. Many of us have little formal education in the skills of observation, teaming and reflection that are necessary in leadership development. Drawing from cognitive science, business and the arts this course will introduce students to current research and practices a it relates to the leadership skills of self-mastery that enhance leadership development.  This course will emphasize the personal and professional development of students and ways they can effectively begin to contribute to an organization (be a leader at any level) as well as achieve personal fulfillment and build the skill set for innovation. Students will be exposed to information and exercises to increase their capacity to listen deeply, demonstrate mutual respect and empathy and generate from a possibilities mindset.

Post-Soviet Political Challenges:  Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, Separatism and Irredentism
3 Credit Course
Tuesday 3:30 – 6:00
Clemons Library 322A
Yuri Urbanovich,Lecturer

The end of the Cold War coincided with a wave of national revivals that spread across Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and became one of the notable consequences of the collapse of communist regimes. This course will focus specifically on the origins of nationalism, separatism, secessions, and irredentist claims in the Russian Federation and other former Soviet republics. The first third of the course will be devoted to major theoretical approaches to nationalism and ethnicity in political science, the treatment of the “nationalities question” in Marxist-Leninist theory, and the history of Soviet federalism and “nationalities policy.” We will then investigate the role of nationalism in the confounding Gorbachev’s plans for reforming the Soviet system and the dynamics behind the dissolution of the USSR in December 1991. Finally, we will address the contemporary role of nationalism in the successor states, with particular emphasis on problems of nation and state building in the post-communist era, the conflicting logics of state sovereignty, national self-determination, and regional as well as cultural autonomy. We will also consider case studies of various post-communist “secessionist” struggles, particularly in Chechnya and the recent conflict in the Republic of Georgia (the Five-Day War). We will make sense of the present through an understanding of the history, culture, and politics on which it builds.

IRC Research Forum

The International Residential College Research Forum was created to meet the University's call for undergraduate research. This club is meant for undergraduate students who want to do research; it attracts IRC residents who want to compete for a Harrison Award, write a distinguished major thesis, or may just want to work with professors on a project.


The IRC has subscriptions of the following established magazines in the Munford Fishbowl as a service to IRCers:
Newsweek, The Economist, National Geographic, The New Yorker and Time.


In the Fishbowl, there is also a library of Lonely Planet books, which students can borrow.

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