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Student self-governance at its best! You can join a Committee to get involved in the IRC, meet new people, and have fun! IRC Committee members are a committed core group of creative, hardworking, independent, and passionate residents who want to invest in their community. Info sessions are held early each fall semester, and are a chance to learn more about what each committee does, apply for a committee chair position, and sign up to make a difference.

Please check each Committee's blog to get updates (see Committees underneath IRC Council on the left).

We organize events and initiatives concerning art, eco-friendly awareness, and practical improvements to the IRC. Last year we hosted Tie-Dyeing, Mug Painting, and a Local Food Breakfast. It is guided by the Minister of Community Operations. This committee leads IRC residents on community service ventures to increase awareness and appreciation of the Charlottesville area and environment around us. The committee keeps IRCers informed of upcoming service events and coordinates events with the International Refugee Center in Charlottesville. It is guided by the Minister of Community Operations.
We are in charge of keeping IRCers in the know! We compile a weekly Stall News Journal featured in every stall. This journal has a weekly calendar for IRC events and cultural facts and histories from all over the world. It is guided by the Minister of Interior. We love food and cooking! We have recipe exchanges and meal preparation workshops usually in the Munford Main Kitchen. It is guided by the Minister of Interior.
Involved at UVA? Involved in the IRC? We are the liaision between the IRC and UVA. We have outreach through events and activities, and advertise the IRC during Application season. It is guided by the Minister of Exterior Relations. We think it's important who lives in the IRC. So we create the IRC application for new residents and review submitted applications. This year, we will work with the Admissions Office to make the IRC known to incoming students and highlighted on tours. It is guided by the Minister of Exterior Relations.
We organize IRC IMREC sports teams and casual pick-up games for IRC residents. Weekly games are soccer/football, basketball, and American football. We usually play outside (weather permitting) or inside in Memorial Gym. Do you and your friends play a different sport? Join us and create a team! It is guided by the Minister of Recreation. We are into media, print and online media. Love photography? Official IRC photographers take photos of events and daily life. Love graphic design? We use InDesign and Photoshop to tailor flyers. Love HTML? We need people to manage the IRC website. We plan and compile an IRC yearbook showcasing residents and events throughout the year, and maintain the website with updates and photos. It is guided by the Prime Minister. .
We like to have fun and we want the entire IRC in. We think of fun ideas, such as a paintball trip and bowling and peach picking. The Minister of Recreation leads this committee.  

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