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IRC Peer Mentor Program

Mission: to enhance the Academic, Psychological, and Social Well-being of our Residential Community

The IRC Peer Mentor Program:

The IRC Peer Mentor Program hopes to develop the IRC resident experience holistically; cultivating an environment for first years and transfer students that promotes academic success, personal growth, as well as community involvement through mentorship. The IRC Peer Mentor Program will pair entering first year and transfer students with upperclassmen who will serve as a resource throughout their first semester. Peer Mentors and residents will meet biweekly in groups, as well as on an individual basis throughout the semester to help ease academic and social transitions to the IRC and the University. A pilot program will be initiated in Spring 2014 and the full program will officially being in Fall 2014. For questions and suggestions contact RA Corinne Conn at


Fostering relationships that contribute to the multicultural community

Provide students with a caring, supportive environment and a sense of IRC "ownership"

Promote academic excellence

Inform students of the services and resources at the UVa

Encourage involvement in activities of IRC, UVA and the Charlottesville community.

Differentiation between IRC Peer Mentor and other mentoring programs: The Peer Mentors in the IRC are able to utilize the resources already established in the IRC to foster a welcoming and mentoring environment for entering students. The mentor and mentees living in the IRC have an easier time staying connected and building a network throughout the IRC because of their close proximity. The collaboration between the Principal of the IRC, the IRC Council, and the Resident Advisors in establishing the IRC Peer Mentor Program strenghten the program's success for all who participate. The IRC Peer Mentor Program is viewed as an extension of the IRC Faculty Mentoring Program in that Peer Mentors can utilize faculty mentors as resources for their mentees.


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