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Corinne Conn

Senior Resident

Room: Munford 101

Hi All! My name is Corinne April, but I just go by Corinne, or the Queen, and I am a global citizen! Literally, I have 3 passports but don’t tell the government! I just want to give you all a warm welcome to the IRC.  You are seriously staying in the best place on grounds. I was born in Trinidad but have lived in Alexandria VA for pretty much my entire life. I am a Global Development and Public Health major (I'm also pre-med so if you have any questions about life, please stop by!) But I’m really at UVA to get as much of a well-rounded, perspective shaping education as possible, so please come talk to me about anything that makes you passionate. Personally, I’m into cooking, jui-jit-su, tennis, playing music, dancing, video games, and so much more. Come visit me on the 1st floor of Munford for a cup of tea or just a good time-I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about ;)


Jannatul Praminik

Resident Advisor of Munford 3rd Floor

Room:  Munford 344


Hello!  My name is Jannatul Pramanik and I am a third year majoring in Spanish, but also on the pre-med track.  I was born in Bangladesh, but I've lived in the states ever since I was three years old and right now I'm situated in Richmond, VA.  I like being super involved and maintaining an enriched experience here at the university with extracurriculars such as peer mentoring (PAFN), leadership (APALTI), and cultural organizations (VSA, OYFA).  Other than that I LOVE baking, learning new languages, traveling abroad (which I have yet to experiences hahaha...) Outside of UVA, I really enjoy going to the Downtown Farmer's Market, shopping at Fashion Square and grabbing a bubble tea at Berry Berry on the corner.  My room is 344 Munford, so make sure to drop by because I would love to get to know you all! :D                                                              


Nour Alamiri

Resident Advisor of Munford 3rd Floor

Room: Munford 332

Hi everyone!  My name is Nour Alamiri and I am a fourth year Antrhopology major. Being raised as an Iraqi-American in Fairfax, Virgina and traveling to over 20 countries around the world has exposed me to a wide variety of cultures and languages.  And I love it! Aside from traveling, I love soccer, dance, music, movies, food, and fashion.  I am so excited to be at the IRC for another year (for a total of 4 years living here!!), and look forward to meeting all of you!                                                         



Annika Schunn

Resident Advisor of Munford 2nd Floor

Room: 244 Munford

Welcome, IRC!  My name is Annika, and I am so excited to be back for my third year in the IRC, and my second on staff!  I'm a German-American dual citizen based out of Richmond, Virginia, and I recently declared Global Development Studies.  I speak German and Spanish in additon to English, so feel free to talk at me in whatever language you prefer!  I usually prefer listening over talking so tell me about yourself!  But if you really want me to run my mouth, try asking me about theater, my travels, my crazy family, my favorite books, Game of Thrones, or human rights.  I'm constantly learning and looking for adventure, and I look forward to a year full of both with all of you!




Sydney Pettiford

Resident Advisor of Munford 2nd Floor

Room: 244 Munford

Hey there, everyone!  Welcome to the wonderful, engaging and vibrant IRC!  My name is Sydney and I'm so happy that Ill get the opportunity to get to know you over the next several months.  I'm a second year hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia (NOVA, whoot!) and my plan is to major in Global Development Studies.  I'm an avid fan of reading, playing video games, doodling and music of all genres. I'm also a firm believer that breakfast food is a standalone food group and is quite simply the best.  Despite that, I also really really like Lebanese grape leaves, Indian food, Thai food and American Soul food.  I want to eventually travel the world and become fluent in several languages as well. On Grounds I've been involved in activities that range from a drama ensemble to coding for fun and I would love to hear about the things that you are interested in or passionate about.  I certianly hope that you enjoy your time here at the IRC this year and on Grounds.  If you have any questions or would just like to talk about life or even the weather, stop on by Munford 244.  I look foward to meeting you!

Logan Akinmade

Resident Advisor of Gwathmey 1st Floor

This is Logan Akinmade.  He's the RA for the first floor of Gwathmey and the Man Cave.  But more importantly he is the local representative of the Southern Water Tribe, and a lover of exotic foods, skateboards, and creativity.  You should meditate with him sometime.







Zunaira Arbab

Resident Advisor of Gwathmey 2nd Floor

Room: Gwathmey 221

Hello and welcome to the IRC! My name is Zunaira Arbab and I am a third year, majoring in French and Foreign Affairs. This is my second year living in the IRC so it is like a second home for me. I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan but I spent most of my life here in Charlottesville.  I love meeting new people and making new friends so stop by Gwathmey 221 anytime! 



Taylor Henkel

Resident Advisor of Gwathmey 3rd Floor

Hi everyone! Welcome to the IRC!  My name is Taylor and I have the honor, privilege, and pleasure of living on the 3rd floor of Gwathmey this year.  I am really excited to get to know each of you. This will be my second year in the IRC and my first year as an RA.  I am a fourth year (that's scary to think about) Global Development Studies major from Newport News, VA, but I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and Canada a little bit, so feel free to share your experiences with me so I can add to my bucket list of places to visit (which seems to be growing longer and longer every day).  Outside of class I'm involved in Student Council, Students for Stop Hunger Now and First Year Seminar, and beyond that, you may see me out and about going on runs or taking pictures of all the lovely scenery Grounds has to offer.  Come by my room anytime, whether you want to have a life conversation or just jam out to some music for a study break.  The IRC is such a wonderful community to live in and has become a home for many of us so let's make it a great year! 

Maddalena Richards

Resident Advisor of Lewis


Hi Everyone!  My name is Maddalena Richards, but don't worry I go by Lena.  I was born and raised in the incredibly small town of Linden, Virginia, but have been lucky enough to travel around the world.  I'm a third year at UVa studying Media Studies and Government.  Even thought I'm an Italian-American and I love to cook and eat Mediterranean food I love, love, love Indian food.  Besides eating Indian food, I also enjoy going on adventures-from walking across Charlottesville to driving across the country. I'm always down for a trip and have learned so much while traveling. Since coming to UVa I have become pretty involved in a lot of media and volunteer groups, so if you have any questions about either feel free to ask me.  In short, UVa really is one of my favorite places in the world and I love the IRC so even though I haven't met most of you yet, I'm sure I'll love you too!  If you ever want to eat, explore, or just hang out come visit me in Lewis!

Michelle Gray

Resident Advisor of Hoxton

My name is Michelle Gray, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to the IRC.  I am a fourth-year French major from Virginia Beach, Virginia and spent last year studying as an exchange student in Lyon, France.  I'm delighted to be once again at the IRC where I lived my second year.  As a language enthusiast and someone with both Vietnamese and American roots, I enjoy the cultural exchanges the IRC has to offer.  Here at UVa I'm involved with the International Studies Office and run for the Club Cross Country team. I like sending and receiving post cards and browsing grocery stores in foreign countries.  I'm a fan of coffee, short stories and breakfast for dinner.  Please come by Hoxton 106 and tell me about your life adventures-I look foward to getting to know you throughout the year!





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