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Rising concern about our environmental impact is not merely a faddish trend for the Western consumer or college liberal, but a reflection of constraints on natural resources that the unprecedented scale and pace of global growth has contributed to.

The immediate impact has been expressed through soaring fuel and food prices and social unrest. Rising demand for energy has contributed to a surge in oil prices that reached a peak of over $140 per barrel in June 2008. Concern over sustained high energy prices has added fuel to the heated debate over the future of energy. The sharp rise in food prices and food shortages have contributed to riots and unrest in a number of countries this past summer and pose new challenges for food security in developing countries.

Did you know that UVa recycles all plastics numbered 1 through 7? For more info on what UVa recycles (a lot) see UVa's Recycling Page. By comparison, the only plastics New York City recycles are jugs and bottles.


Everyone is responsible for taking out their own personal trash and recycling. Dumping personal trash into rubbish bins in common areas and kitchen places an unreasonable burden on our wonderful housekeeping staff.

Recycling bins and Dumpster

They are located outdoors next to the Gwathmey circle. UVA has the capacity to recycle a lot more than you expect. Check this site for details:
There are also personal black 2-bin recycling bins for your room. Please take one to put in your room. They are stacked next to Gwathmey and Munford doors.

Become the IRC Sustainability Advocate (SA)

As a Sustainability Advocate with UVa Sustainability, you will promote energy, water conservation, recycling and other environmental issues. You will promote these issues in your dorm/residence area, throughout the University, and be a source of information for your peers. As a SA, you are a member of the UVa Sustainability student team and a resource for your dorm's residents and house or area council; it is important that you participate in both halves of the position. SA Meetings will be held every other week, and you must attend these (Mondays OR Wednesdays at 6:30 on the selected weeks, you may go to either day). You must communicate with and participate in your house council to disseminate information. You also need to help with a few events that UVa Sustainability organizes, such as America Recycles Day and Earth Day.

Note, this is not a paid position, but it is really fun to do (you get free stuff!), and it is not a very large time commitment. You will learn about how to conserve and recycle, how to make contacts and be a leader, and make friends! Also, the SAs who enjoy working with us and perform well may be eligible for a paid position in the rest of their years here as a student.

Please contact Nina Morris, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 434-982-5592

Email:                Website:

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