With the Department of Anthropology and Program in Global Development Studies, the International Studies Office has developed a series of seminars and short courses in "crossing cultures" -- not just sight-seeing around the world but understanding people and thriving in other parts of the global economy. CORE is a starting point for cross-cultural engagement rather than a comprehensive course and is ideal for anyone planning to study, work, or live abroad and who is looking for conceptual tools to demystify the experience and make it worth the while. COREconcept

The CORE (Cultural Orientation -> Reflection -> Engagement)Curriculum is a scaleable suite of seminars and courses that are designed to "wrap around" and complement a student's education abroad program or project and develop their ability to recognize and understand cultural difference as cultural and to integrate this learning into life-long personal and professional ambitions. The underlying approach is to introduce students to concepts of culture, cultural difference, and cross-cultural change and exchange and then to create opportunities for them to apply these concepts to their lived experiences abroad. Some students will need less direction, by virtue of their own initiative, inclinations, and interests, but the goal of CORE is to give every student who goes abroad at U.Va. opportunities to learn and grow in this way. Developed in partnership with the Global Development Studies Program and Department of Anthropology, the CORE suite is designed to be taught by graduate and postdoctoral anthropologists who have recently returned from fieldwork and thus to give undergraduates access to cross-cultural role models on the one hand and junior instructors an introduction to the applications of anthropology in international education on the other.

CORE Advisory and Alumni Board

Dudley Doane, Director, International Studies Office
Richard Handler, Professor and Director, Global Development Studies Program, Dept. of Anthropology
Loren Intolubbe-Chmil, CORE Alumna, Director of International and Intercultural Engagement, Johnson & Wales University
Marina Markot, Director of Cornell Abroad, Cornell University
Susan McKinnon, Professor and Chair of Dept. of Anthropology
Kent Wayland, CORE Alumni, Research Associate, International Programs, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Rose Wellman, CORE Alumna, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Anthropology
Jennifer Wiley, Advisor, Education Abroad, International Studies Office
Karenne Wood, Director, Virginia Indian Program, Virginia Foundation of the Humanities
Joshua Armstrong, CORE Alumnus, Assistant Professor of French, University of Wisconsin - Madison
James Ngundi, CORE Alumnus, Independent Scholar and Consultant in Higher Education
Dionisios Kavadias, CORE Alumnus, Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Anthropology
Sergio Lopez, CORE Alumnus, Lecturer in Anthropology, James Madison University
Clare Terni, CORE Alumnus, Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Anthropology