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F-1 Student Post-Completion Opt Responsibilities

All F-1 students on post-completion OPT must report the following to the ISO at within ten days of any change:

  • Any change in residential address and email address
  • Any change in employer
  • Any change in employer address
  • Any interruption in employment

In addition to the above reporting requirements:
Students in the 17-month STEM extension must report the following at the time of extension and every six months thereafter to the ISO at

  • Current residential address and email address
  • Current employer (or report an interruption in employment)
  • Current employer address
  • The student must instruct his/her employer that the employer must also report periods of unemployment directly to the ISO.

A loss of f-1 status will result from:

  • Failure to provide the ISO with information about a change in address or employment within ten days of any change
  • Failure to report address and employment information to the ISO at the initition of any STEM extension and every six months thereafter
  • Unemployment for an aggregate of 90 days during the initial OPT period
  • Unemployment for an aggregate of 120 days during the intitial OPT period and any STEM extension

DHS Provided Chart for Employer Information

Situation Information
Employed by one employer Provide your employer's name and address
Multiple employers List all employer's names and addresses, indicate which employer is your primary employer
Self-employed Indicate you are self-employed and give the business address (which can be the same as your personal address)
Students with performing arts degrees who have multiple short-term jobs (gigs) If self-employed, indicate this as "Self-employed performing arts student." Follow the directions below for sending your DSO a list of gigs on a regular basis. If working for an agency, indicate the agency as the employer and list the agency's address.
Not currently employed Indicate "none" for the employer


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