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Important Orientation Dates





Fall 2014


[U] Undergraduate Event; [G] Graduate Student Event; [E] Exchange Student event


*August 14: Darden Orientation for international students, 8:30 am - 3 pm [G]



August 18-19: SPEAK Test. All prospective graduate teaching assistants whose first language is one other than English are required to take this test. A score of at least 55 is required for permission to begin teaching without completion of appropriate oral language training. New Cabell 298.  Registration required at [G]


August 18: UVa Express, a free shuttle bus from Dulles to UVa coordinated by the Office of Engagement for incoming first year international students and transfer students. Register at: UVa Express [U] [E]


August 19: UVa Express, free shuttle bus from Dulles to UVa [U] [E]


August 18-20: International Studies Office Open House - Minor 208.  Stop by the ISO to meet the staff.  Bring your legal documents to be photocopied.



August 19: Shopping bus from 1 to 5 pm. A free shuttle bus sponsored by the ISO for international students that will run a continuous loop from the Chapel to Bed, Bath & Beyond in Barrack’s Road Shopping Center, WalMart, and Target. Volunteers will help staff the bus. [U]


August 20: Two shopping buses from 9am to 4pm. (Same route as August 21) [U]




*August 20: Mandatory International Studies Office (ISO) Registration Session for Graduate students, 10 am, Chem 402. All new international students of any non-immigrant status are required to attend one registration session. [U] [G]




TBD: CAELC (Center for American English Language & Culture) Teaching Workshop International TA Discussion Working Lunch for prospective international TAs, 12:45-2 pm, Cabell 325. Pre-register at: [G]


August 20: International Student & Parent Welcome Dinner, 7-9:30 pm, Alumni Hall Ballroom. Guests will have the opportunity to meet current students, faculty, staff, fellow classmates and their parents, while enjoying a dinner hosted by President Sullivan. If you would like to attend, RSVP here by August 17. [U]


August TBD: Insurance Session for international parents, 2:15 – 3:15 pm, Newcomb Kaleidoscope. A chance to get important information about insurance for international students and to get questions answered. [U]


August 21: Life as an Undergrad International Student, 3:30-5:00 pm, TBD. Hear about cultural adjustment, classroom etiquette, peer relationships, and social activities from members of the Mentoring and International eXchange Program (MIX) and the Global Student Council. [U]


August 21: International Parent Q & A, 3:30-5:00 pm, Kaleidoscope @ Newcomb Hall. Interact with members of the International Studies Office to ask questions and get advice about your student’s non-academic issues. [U]




*August 22: Mandatory ISO registration session for Undergraduates (& Graduate Students who cannot attend their meeting).  All new international students holding any non-immigrant status are required to attend one registration session. 2:30 pm, 402 Chemistry Building[U] [G]




August 22: Dinner for International Parents & Guests sponsored by the International Studies Office, 6:00 pm Clark Mural Room & Foyer RSVP to [U]


August 24: University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam (UVELPE). All incoming (new), international graduate students who speak English as a Second Language are required to take this exam.  9 am - TBD, [G]


August 25: Exchange Student Orientation, 9:00 AM, 125 Minor[E]



August TBD: Orientation and Welcome Reception for Spouses and Families. Lorna Sundberg International Center.  5-7 pm








*Required meetings.  Choose one of these session dates.