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SEVIS Information

SEVIS is the “Student and Exchange Visitor Information System”.  The U.S. government's uses this computerized system to maintain and manage data about international students and scholars during their stay in the U.S.   The International Studies Office is allowed real-time access to SEVIS and can thereby assist students and scholars comply with the terms of his or her visa status. The ISO is obligated to keep SEVIS updated with any changes impacting a student's or scholar's status in the U.S.

Every new F-1 and J-1 student and scholar must pay the SEVIS fee. Students and scholars applying for visas abroad must present the fee payment receipt in order to obtain a visa stamp. Students and scholars changing status must submit the fee payment receipt with their application to change status. Canadian and Bermudian students who are visa-exempt must submit their pay receipt at the time of admission to the United States.

For information on paying the SEVIS fee, please visit