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Honor Code

One of the most distinctive features of student life at UVA is the extraordinary degree to which students are responsible both for themselves and for each other.

The UVA Honor Code is both a model for, and the envy of, many other American universities' honor systems. Few other American universities place such emphasis on honor in personal and academic affairs, or refer to it so often. Like all UVA students, international students are fully bound to the University's culture of honor, and the policies and procedures designed to promote and to secure it.

To learn more about UVA's honor code, please visit the following Web sites:

Violating the honor code has serious implications in every case, but the consequences for an international student can be especially grave. This is because violation of the honor code leaves one with two primary outcomes: electing to take an Informed Retraction, which results in a one year suspension, or being found guilty at Honor Trial the consequence of which is expulsion from the University.

Suspension or expulsion from UVA has the impact of automatically terminating the legal status of a student with F-1 or J-1 status. If you have questions or concerns about UVA's honor code and how it could affect you as an international student, please contact ISO.