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MIX (Mentoring & International eXchange)

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Each fall, over 150 international undergraduate students arrive at the University of Virginia. Not only do these students face the challenges of entering into a new university, they also face the challenges of dealing with a new culture that is often extremely different from their own.

MIX recruits and trains 30 undergraduate students who have been in attendance at U.Va. for at least one semester. Mentors take an active part in planning and running activities and maintain contact with their assigned mentees throughout the year.


Requirements for Prospective Mentors

Be a full-time undergraduate student at U.Va. (domestic or international), complete the application and interview process, attend training sessions.

Over the summer, correspond with assigned incoming international students immediately upon receipt of their names and information, and participate in the August orientation session for incoming international students.

Take an active part in the planning and organization of the program and attend MIX meetings and activities.

MIX mentors are NOT responsible for and should NOT feel obligated to:

  • Offer housing to students, either during the academic year or during vacations.
  • Provide transportation to and from the airport or within the city.
  • Spend any money on, or loan any money to the student for food, clothes, entertainment, etc.
  • Give advice on or intervene in academic, legal, or employment matters.

MIX Contacts:
Executive Board Members:

Stefanie Muller,

Zachary Blackburn,

Bradlee Palmquist,

Nishat Jabin,

Sabrina Mattin,


International Studies Office Staff Advisors:
Adrienne Kim Bird-