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Welcome to UVa !

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Virginia! We welcome you to the international student body of more than 2,500 graduate and undergraduate students from 130 countries.  We look forward to meeting you.

**Watch the Orientation and Pre-Arrival Slideshow Before You Arrive at UVa!**



Major Orientation Events Calendar



First Read: Study in the States - Homeland Security Guide for International Students

Now that you have been admitted:


Visa Documents : Do you need a visa document from U.Va.?

Visa Application : F-1 or J-1 Visa Application Process

Preparing for Your Arrival: Entering the U.S. or Transferring Status

Required Check-In Meetings : You will need to attend a mandatory Registration Session with the International Studies Office. Get more information

Pre-entrance Health Record : Student Health has forms you'll need to complete

Required Health Insurance : Purchase mandatory health insurance coverage


Prepare to begin your academic career:


World Wide Wahoos : Contact a student ambassador from your home country

MIX Mentoring Program: Let the MIX (Mentoring & International eXchange) program match you with a student mentor.

Community Hosts : The Community Hospitality Program can match you with members of the local community for meals and fellowship

Find Housing:

Dining Plans: Sign up for a dining plan


Plan for Your Arrival to U.Va.:


Travel from the airport to U.Va.: If you are arriving at Dulles International Airport, sign up for the UVAExpress. [Fall semester only]

Train Information: Charlottesville may be reached by the U.S. train Amtrak

Other Transportation Options:


Now That You're Here:


Graduate Student Guide (Many links for all students): Guide to Life at UVa and Charlottesville

Obtain a Driver's License: Complete information about obtaining a driver's license

Purchase a Cell Phone: Cellphones

Open a bank account: Financial Matters

Attend the New Fall American Culture 101 Series: American Culture 101

Familiarize Yourself With Adjustment Issues Cultural Adjustment


Parents' Handbook: Resource for Your Parents



Academic Resources


Center for American English Language and Culture (English Language Support Services)


Writing Center


UVa Libraries


Honor Committee

Plagiarism Supplement

Translated Pages



Tutoring Services


Cultural Orientation, Reflection and Engagement Workshops (CORE)


American Culture 101



Get Involved!


Visit the International Center: International Center Web Site.

Join a U.Va. club or organization: (the following are a few of the many, many organizations)


Watch a Youtube video: An Interview with U.Va.

Take a Virtual Tour:

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