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General Ledger
The general ledger is the repository of all financial transactions for the University. In the new Oracle environment, the general ledger account structure will facilitate the collection, management, and analysis of financial information. MORE
Funds Management
The Oracle Grants Management system will provide an integrated post-award grant accounting and project management solution for the University. Sponsored research administration can be broken down into two stages, pre-award and post-award. With the implementation of Oracle Grants Management, most of the post-award functions of sponsored research administration will be automated in Phase 1 of the project. MORE
Labor Distribution
The Oracle Labor Distribution (LD) application is used with Funds Management application to provide an efficient mechanism to allocate labor costs (salaries, wages, etc., for all faculty, staff, and student workers) to different fund sources. The LD application uses the powerful and flexible Oracle reporting tools to support effort reporting for federal compliance purposes. MORE
Accounts Receivable & Cash Management
Oracle Public Sector Receivables is a full function accounts receivable system. Oracle Receivables will be implemented during Phase 1 concurrent with Oracle Cash Management in order to more fully maximize the integration between the two applications. Oracle Receivables provides effective customer account management through University-defined letters and statements, as well as aged trial balances and key indicator reports. MORE

Purchasing & Accounts Payable
Oracle Purchasing and Accounts Payable applications will streamline the procurement and payment process at the University, both at the central and departmental levels, and facilitate the tracking of transactions. Requisitioning, receiving, and approval will be done on-line, thus reducing transaction processing time, use of paper, and administrative effort. MORE

Order Entry & Inventory
The University is exploring a creative use of the Oracle Order Entry and Inventory applications. The ISP Purchasing/Accounts Payable (PO/AP) team will search for a way that internal service providers can offer their goods and services in the Oracle Purchase Order application and, after customer selection, use other Oracle applications (Order Entry and Inventory) to "ship" and bill for the goods or services. MORE
Finance Reports & Data Store
The promise of the Oracle applications is the prospect of being able to enter and retrieve information that will assist in management decisions, from the individual to the institutional level. It is expected that the time consuming practice of re-keying information from the core financial system into "shadow" systems will be substantially reduced, if not eliminated. MORE

ISP HomeWhat is ISP?ISP NewsThe PhasesThe TimelineThe Archives
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