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Finance Reports & Data Store
One promise of the Oracle applications is the prospect of being able to enter and retrieve more and better information that will assist in management decisions, from the individual to the institutional level. It is expected that the time consuming practice of re-keying information from the core financial system into "shadow" systems will be substantially reduced, if not eliminated, over time.
     Standard reports are bundled with all Oracle applications and can be requested by an authorized user at any time. They have a fixed format and layout, but their content can be focused each time the report is submitted by specifying selection parameters.
    For ad-hoc queries, Oracle Discoverer is a tool that offers the capability of accessing the database with an interface that allows users to generate informative, decision-ready reports. Templates for instant report layout, seamless connectivity to the databases, and point-and-click query construction provide a simple mechanism for users to retrieve information.
     In addition to these reports tools, the following tool in Oracle Grants Management will be useful for reporting:

  • The Project Status Inquiry (PSI) is a feature that enables users to quickly review the current status of their projects and then drill down for more detailed expenditure data at the resource or task level. PSI data can be exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • The Award Status Inquiry (ASI) is a feature that enables users to quickly review actual and committed transactions, invoices, and budget and expenditure data at the award, project, resource, or task level. This feature allows users to view financial data at the award and project levels for all projects funded by an award.

     Most of the Oracle information required by the University community will reside in an Operational Data Store (ODS). The ODS will be a companion to the existing Information Warehouse. There are many advantages to this strategy, and one of the is that it reduces the workload placed on the Oracle applications. If the only source of information were the Oracle applications, requests for information would "compete" with the need for rapid transaction processing.

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Sample Reports
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