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         Business Analysis Task Force



This task force will assess issues such as business strategies and financial stability of prospective partners. Membership includes individuals who have extensive experience in this type of assessment.

Member Name
Title & Department

Barbara Deily 

Director of Audits

Eric Denby 

Director of Purchasing

Alice Handy, co-chair 

University Treasurer

Rich Kovatch 

Assistant Vice President for Business Operations

Nancy Nicoletto 

Staff, Office of the Vice President for Management and Budget

Shelley Payne, facilitator 

Program Coordinator, UVA Organizational Development and Training

Shirley Payne 

Director, Strategic Studies & External Relations, Office of Information Technologies

Glen Robinson 

Professor, Law School

David E. Smith, co-chair 

Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences

David G. Smith

Professor, Commerce School

Randy Smith 

Associate Dean, Commerce School

George Williams, Scribe 

Staff, Information Technology & Communication


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