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            Core Assessment Team




This group, consisting of a small team of faculty, central administration and academic department managers, and OIT and ITC representatives, will conduct evaluations of specific aspects of prospective partner offerings as directed by the Core Executive Selection Team. The group will be assisted in these evaluations by a hired consultant, special task forces charged with specific evaluation efforts, and an advisory group made up of representatives from current administrative systems user groups. Examples of activities the Core Assessment Team will undertake are: 

  • Planning the specific activities associated with the selection process
  • Editing and issuing the RFP (specific individuals on the team will draft the RFP)
  • Reading proposals from partner prospects and providing input to the Core Executive Selection Team on the "short list"
  • Arranging and attending on-site vendor presentations
  • Forming and providing direction to task forces to evaluate specific aspects of vendor offerings
  • Checking vendor references and making customer site visits as needed
  • Summarizing evaluation results for the Core Executive Selection Team Overseeing development of a high-level financial plan for the implementation project.
Member Name
Title & Department

Virginia Bergland

Chief Operating Officer, Information Technology & Communication

Eric Denby, ex officio

Director of Purchasing 

Barbara Henry 

Director, Human Resource Information Systems

Bernie Hill, scribe 

Manager, Strategic Applications Development - Office of Information Technologies

Bob Huskey 

Associate Dean, Graduate Arts and Sciences

Rebecca Kneedler 

Chair, Curriculum & Instruction, Ed. School

Sam Miller 

Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Shelley Payne, facilitator 

Program Coordinator, UVA Organizational Development and Training

Shirley Payne, ex officio 

Director, Strategic Studies and External Relations - Office of Information Technologies

Bill Randolph 

Associate Dean for Finance, Medical School

Glen Robinson 

Professor, Law School

Rick Seaman 

Director, Financial Information Systems

David Smith, chair 

Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences

Anda Webb

Associate Dean, Division of Continuing Education


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