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Human Resources Systems Task Force



This task force will draft the human resources strategic direction statement for the RFP and assess the quality of vendor responses in addressing this vision. It includes representation from central administration and management-level staff/faculty from academic and other departments. 


Member Name
Title & Department

Nancy Bertram 

Associate Dean for Management & Budget, Arts and Sciences

Bob Burnett, Co-Chair 

Professor of Chemistry

Tom Gausvik 

Chief Human Resource Officer

Trisha Gordon, Scribe 

Staff, Information Technology & Communication

Barbara Henry 

Director, Human Resource Information Systems

Rebecca Kneedler, Co-Chair 

Chair, Curriculum & Instruction, Ed. School

Darrell Kozuch 

Payroll Manager, Medical Center Finance

Gail Oltmanns 

Associate Librarian, Alderman

Shelley Payne, facilitator 

Program Coordinator, UVA Organizational Development and Training

Kathy Reed 

Associate Provost for Management

Mary-Leigh Thacker 

Accounting & Billing Manager, Orthopedic Surgery

Ken Sinarski 

Accounting Operations Associate Comptroller


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