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Training Task Force



This task force will assess the capacity of the software and implementation firms to provide initial and ongoing educational & training services for the development, implementation, management, maintenance, and use of the new administrative processes and software.  The task force is comprised of training experts from central administrative offices and Organizational Development & Training. 

Member Name
Title & Department


 Martha Garland 

Director of Workforce Planning, Department of Human Resources

 Bernie Hill, Scribe

Manager, Strategic Applications Development - Office of 
Information Technologies

 Kelly Huntley

Director, General Accounting

Sarah Jordan

Project Manager, Office of Assistant VP for Finance

Jeannie Inge 

Information Systems Manager, Chief Contracting Officer

Marilyn Lockhart

Process Simplification Coordinator, Office of Vice President for Management & Budgeting

John Lord, Co-Chair 

Director, UVA Organizational Development and Training

Shelley Payne, facilitator 

Program Coordinator, UVA Organizational Development & Training 

James Potter

Training Services Manager, Information Technology & Communication

Rick Seaman, Co-Chair 

Director, Financial Information Systems

Lori Willy

Training Projects, Registrar's Office 


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