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Oracle HR/Payroll is Coming…Are You Ready?
May 7, 2002

Integrated Systems Project
Streamlining and Modernizing U.Va.’s Information Systems

On June 26, 2002, the University of Virginia will be implementing the Human Resources/Payroll phase of the Integrated Systems Project. We will send you several “Are You Ready?” bulletins between now and go-live to give you the information you need to be fully prepared. Click the links below for detailed information and instructions.

Cutover Dates and Information

Last Pay Periods in OPAS/HRS
The last pay periods that will be worked in OPAS and HRS are:

  • Monthly: 5/25-6/24
  • Semi-Monthly 6/10-6/24
  • Biweekly: 5/29-6/11
  • Subsequent pay periods will be worked in Oracle.
Deadline for Keying New Hires into OPAS
All hire information must be keyed and approved in OPAS by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, for conversion into Oracle. OPAS will be changed on Friday, June 14, to allow view only capability of previous transactions.  Any hires not keyed and approved by that time will be entered by departments into Oracle after go-live on June 26.

You may not future date biweekly hires in OPAS. Any biweekly hires dated June 12 and forward will be returned to the department to enter into Oracle on June 26. 

You may back-date an HOURLY employee, NOT an auto-paid employee, if you wish to work their hire in OPAS. For example, if a student hire begins on June 12, and you want to process it in OPAS, back-date the hire to June 11 in OPAS.

Salaried hire start dates can be dated to include June 24, though they must be keyed and approved in OPAS by June 13. Any salaried hire start dates dated June 25 and forward will have to be keyed by the departments into Oracle.

Last Two Leave Sheets to be Submitted Back to Back
Departmental Leave Contacts will submit leave (bubble) sheets for 5/10-6/9, as usual, on Tuesday, June 11. What is not usual is that they will submit the next leave sheet (partial bubble sheet), for 6/10-6/24 (the last one before Oracle), three days later, on Friday, June 14. This means:
  • Salaried employees will be completing two leave sheets at the same time.
  • They will have to anticipate leave to be taken between 6/14 and 6/24 (leave for 6/10-6/13 will be actual).
  • Departments will not be able to enter adjustments for the period before go live in Oracle.  Any adjustments for the period before go live will need to be manually entered by the Human Resources Leave Center.

To meet these deadlines, UHR suggests that, since you already have the leave sheets for the 5/10-6/9 pay period, that you distribute and complete those forms as soon as possible. UHR will send out leave sheets for the 6/10-7/9 pay period on June 3rd for completion on June 14. Those should be distributed and completed as soon as possible as well.

Prepare Early for First Oracle Timesheet
Timekeepers will have three days to key biweekly pay for the period 6/12-6/25 into Oracle when we go live on the morning of June 26. Keying must be complete by 6/28 at 5 p.m. To help expedite the process, the ISP is creating a generic, web-accessible timesheet that can be printed out for biweekly employees. This timesheet will be available as a link from the Integrated System homepage on June 7. Timekeepers will print the timesheets and fill out the employee name and time period and then distribute the timesheets to the employees. They should all be completed, approved, and returned to Timekeepers by the end of the day on 6/25. This will allow Timekeepers to have a full three days to key the data into Oracle. Departments that have their own methods for collecting time can use those as long as they include the employee’s and the employee’s supervisor’s signature.

Three Quick Payrolls Follow Go-Live
June 26 will be a busy day for the new Oracle Timekeepers. As noted above, they will start keying biweekly time for 6/12-6/25 on that day. But there are three other pay periods following close behind, so Timekeepers should also print out and begin distributing the pre-filled Oracle timesheets for the following pay periods:

  • Semi-monthly salaried timesheets for the period 6/25-7/9. Entered into Oracle by 5 p.m. on 7/10
  • Semi-monthly salaried paid monthly (also 6/25-7/9). Entered into Oracle by 5 p.m. on 7/12
  • Biweekly timesheets for period 6/26-7/9. Entered into Oracle by 5 p.m. on 7/12

Departments that have their own methods for collecting time can use those as long as they include the employee’s and the employee’s supervisor’s signature.

Make Sure Your Desktop is Ready
The single biggest issue for the Oracle finance go-live date was people not having their desktops ready for go-live. If you are already an Oracle user, this will not be an issue for you in phase 2. If you are NOT already an active Oracle user, there are several steps you will have to take to be sure your desktop is ready for the June 26 go-live. You can do these steps now. If you wait, wait no longer than the week before go-live so you are sure you can access Oracle when you need it.

The three pieces of software you need on your computer and instructions for installing them are:

All of you were notified that you were assigned the Oracle Self Service responsibility. If you registered for Oracle classes using Self Service, you already have the VPN loaded on your desktop. You need to add Discoverer and j-initiator.

If you have not accessed Oracle Self Service or an Oracle application (current users), you will require all three to be installed. Click here for complete instructions on how to get your desktop ready.

You also need two passwords:

  • Oracle password
  • VPN password (Instructions for receiving a VPN password are included in the VPN instructions.)

If you do not remember your Oracle password, contact the ITC Help Desk at 4-3731 to request a new one.

Don’t Forget Your Confidentiality Agreement
Completing training is required, but not sufficient to be given access to Oracle. If you are not a current finance user, you also must submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement to University Human Resources. Don’t delay. Go to to print out and submit the form before go-live.



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"All hire information must be keyed and approved in OPAS by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 13."

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