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Oracle HR/Payroll is Coming…Are You Ready?
May 29, 2002

Oracle Sandbox Now Available
The Sandbox instance is now available for you to use to practice what you have learned in training. NOTE: The user ID and password are the same as for the Training instance (user ID: CLASS01 through CLASS32; password: ORACLE), not those noted on the original Sandbox handout.

Please remember there is no help desk for working in the Sandbox. You can't break it, so don't worry about doing something wrong. You can use your manuals to help yourself through.

Access to the Sandbox is not limited by Oracle responsibilities, which means that you will have access in the Sandbox to functionality that you may or may not have when the Oracle HR/Payroll system is implemented. The Sandbox may be refreshed (existing data overwritten) at any time to reflect changes in applications configuration. This means what you enter today may be gone tomorrow. Also, check the Current News page (the window that opens when you click Enter on the Integrated System home page) for system messages.

Logging Into Sandbox

  • From your web browser, navigate to the Integrated System web page at
  • For initial access to the Sandbox:
    • Click the How To Access the Sandbox link (question mark) at the right of the page.
  • For subsequent access to the Sandbox:
    • Click the Enter link in the middle of the page.
    • Select Sandbox from the Non-Production Instances field
    • Enter the Username and Password:
      • Username: CLASS01 through CLASS32 (you may use any one of these 32 usernames)
      • Password: ORACLE
    • Click Connect.

Some Responsibilities Blacked Out During Payroll Runs
When payroll runs, University Human Resources must be certain that no one is entering new information into the system. That is not an issue with the current system, since departmental users do not enter data into the payroll system, but into a holding place in OPAS from which UHR reenters information.

In Oracle, to assure that payroll information is not disrupted during the payroll run, certain responsibilities will be “blacked out” for a short period around each run. This means that these responsibilities will be end-dated at the beginning of the blackout period and reactivated when it concludes. These responsibilities include:

  • HRMS Specialist
  • Student & Faculty Wage Approver
  • Faculty Approver
  • Faculty-Staff Reviewer
  • Timekeeper

Employees with any of the first four responsibilities have automatically been assigned the HRMS Viewer responsibility so that they may continue to view information in HR/Payroll applications during the blackout periods, but cannot actually enter information.

Since there are from four to six payroll runs a month, there will be that many blackout periods a month as well. The ISP is testing to determine how long users will be prevented from entering data during a payroll run. That information will be communicated as soon as it is available.

Once Unit Pay, Always Unit Pay
Unit pay in the current payroll system is used for a number of employee types, including:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Graduate Research Assistants
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Faculty on limited assignments
  • People who do piecework, e.g. microscope repair or student applications graders

And, there may be others. In Oracle, only employees doing piecework will be paid through unit pay. The others may be paid through goal amount or lump sum. Goal amount is used if the person is to be paid over a period of time. Lump sum should be used if the person is to be paid entirely in one payment. No one currently paid through unit pay will have to enter time into an Oracle time management sheet.

One Oracle Password Fits All
If you are a current user, your Oracle password will be the same for the HR/Payroll applications. If you have used Oracle Self Service, that password is your Oracle password. If you have not used any Oracle application yet, but still have your initial password from when you were notified of your Self Service assignment, you can use that password to access Oracle the first time. If you have not used an Oracle application and no longer have the password you were initially assigned, you will have to call the ITC Help Desk at 4-3731 to receive a new password.

Where Do I Turn for Help?
As all current Oracle users have found, the web site you will turn to for help is This site directs you to:

  • On-line procedures
  • Integrated System Customer Support Center hours and phone number
  • ITC Help Desk hours and phone numbers
  • List of departmental subject matter experts
  • Human Resources support numbers (meeting facilitation, Employee Relations, Employee Assistance)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • New and updated policies and procedures


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"The Sandbox instance is now available for you to use to practice what you have learned in training."

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