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The ISP is Coming...Are You Ready?
June 12, 2001

Integrated Systems Project - Streamlining and Modernizing UVa's Information Systems

On July 2, 2001, the University of Virginia will be implementing the finance phase of the Integrated Systems Project, including the following Oracle applications: General Ledger, Funds Management, Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry/Inventory, and Cash Management. We will stop entering transactions into the current systems on July 2 and begin entering them into the new system on July 9. Labor Distribution goes live on May 29, 2001.

We are in the final testing and training stages for a new system that will better support the core missions of the University of Virginia - teaching, research, and public service - by

  • increased efficiency and effectiveness of operations,
  • improved customer service, and
  • better ability to adapt to growth and change.

This is the 3rd "Are You Ready?" bulletin we have sent to give you the information you need to be fully prepared. You can view the archived issues. Click the links below for detailed information or instructions.

Lesson from Labor Distribution - Get the VPN Up and Running
The deployment of the Labor Distribution application took place as scheduled on May 29, and LD users are successfully scheduling labor. There were some anticipated issues related to system access, primarily for people who had difficulty loading and starting the VPN. To assist everyone in being prepared for the July go-live, we are establishing Oracle accounts for all those who have been assigned an Oracle responsibility for July. The account will have a future effective date for access to Oracle. The process will be as follows:

1. Load the VPN software onto your computer. Instructions may be found at

2. You will receive an email the week of June 11, notifying you that your account has been established and you can create a VPN account and start the VPN. Instructions may be found at (do not use $ or @ in your password).

3. Once the VPN is installed and you logon, you will be able to link to the PTAO card generator, if you wish.

4. A mass email will go out around June 29 to users who have completed training and submitted their Confidentiality Agreement. Users trained after deployment will probably be notified individually of their Oracle logon IDs and initial Oracle passwords.

5. You will logon to the VPN, open the Integrated System website, and logon to Oracle, using the Oracle user ID and Oracle password in the email. You will be asked to change the Oracle password the first time you logon.

The Oracle passwords will have to be changed every 45 days. The VPN passwords will not be required to change. The Oracle password will have to be at least 5 characters long.

Reminder: Payroll Is Not Affected in Phase 1 of the ISP
Your paycheck will continue to be cut out of the current HR/Payroll system until the implementation of Phase 2 of the Integrated Systems Project in July of 2002.

Lots of Help/Support Available
Click here for all help and support resources.

New Grail On-Line
An updated list of active Project-Task-Award combinations is now available through the Integrated System website, including a project FAS account mapping where possible.

Submit Your Confidentiality Agreement
No one will be granted access to the new system without sending a signed confidentiality agreement to the Human Resources Office.
If you have not submitted a signed agreement, go to to see the memo and to print, sign and submit a copy of the agreement.

Questions concerning this Agreement may be addressed to the Human Resources Office at 924-4450.

Getting Your Desktop Ready
There is a new and improved Desktop Checklist available, called Integrated System Getting Started. This site provides step-by-step instructions for getting started on the Oracle system.

View Selected Reports in Discoverer
For instructions on how to install and start Discoverer 3.1, click here. Once you are in Discoverer, you select the report you want to view.

How Will We Know We're Set to Go?
Closer to go-live, we will provide information on what to expect during "Dim Week" and how you will know you can begin work in the new system.

Creating and Using Your PTAO Card
The PTAO Card generator is now accessible from the Integrated System homepage. You must start the VPN before you can link to the card generator. As noted above (Lesson from Labor Distribution), you will receive email notice soon that you can set up your VPN account.

Help Sessions Planned
Help sessions for the various Oracle responsibilities will be offered the week before go-live and the week after for those who have completed training. Responsibility-specific notices will be sent soon with time, place, and instructions.

Wave 2 Training Notice Soon
People identified specifically for Wave 2 training will receive an email message during the week of June 18 providing instructions on how to register for training.

Hot FAQs
Below are some "hot" FAQs. More questions and answers are available via our Frequently Asked Questions website.

Labor Distribution
When entering a labor schedule, how do I know which assignment in LD to choose for my employee?
When you enter a labor schedule for an employee, you must select the correct assignment in LD. The assignment is equal to the employee's company viewed in the Online Personnel Action System (OPAS). An Oracle Discoverer Report - "LD_Employee Assignment & Companies" report was developed to identify which assignment in LD corresponds with which company in OPAS. To insure you are entering a labor schedule for the correct assignment, you should run this report prior entering the employee's labor schedule.

How are Encumbrances being handled in LD (with examples)?
Click here for the answer.

Accounts Receivable
How many characters can I enter in the address (site) level reference field?
Approximately 240.

General Ledger
How are IDT Functions Accomplished in Oracle?
The table below maps some specific IDT functions to equivalent Oracle functions. Those listed in the table are some we've been asked about specifically.

IDT Function
Oracle Equivalent
SL Expenditure Transfer FM Cost Transfer
SL Recovery IDT FM Cost Transfer
IDT to remove revenue GL Journal Entry
Specifically, for a deposit credited to an incorrect Chart of Accounts accounting string, a Journal Entry is used to move the revenue to the correct account.
IDT involving GL accounts GL Journal Entry
This should be rare in departments. In most cases, you will move funding among projects within the same award types by increasing funding to one project and decreasing funding to the other project.

Reminders from the Last "Are You Ready?"
Important Cutover Dates and Information - NOTE: ChemStores orders require PTAEOs effective June 8, 2001.
Setting Expectations
Oracle Responsibilities for New Employees



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The PTAO Card generator is now accessible from the Integrated System homepage.

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