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The ISP is Coming...Are You Ready?
June 22, 2001

We are affectionately calling the week before deployment on July 9 "Dim Week" because the University's financial systems will be in transition, and therefore, not fully operational. Here is information about what will take place during that week and what you should anticipate.

What is Dim Week?
During the week of July 1 through July 8, the week prior to deployment of the Integrated System on July 9, all June 30 balances out of FAS and ChemStores will be converted into the Oracle system, reconciled and verified. It is a clearing period from the old systems to the new. When the system goes live, those with the appropriate Oracle responsibilities will see all balances and budgets in their PTAOs. Outstanding POs that are received prior to 8/15 will be received in CAPPS and paid from FAS. Procurement Services is running a report to identify CAPPS POs with delivery dates after 8/15 that will not be received in CAPPS and paid in FAS. They will enter new POs in Oracle to replace those. Click here for more information.

How do I do my work during this week?
Instructions on how to carry out transactions during the week prior to deployment are found at ISP Cutover Information websites.

How and when will I be notified that I can do my work in the Integrated System?
If you have completed training for your responsibility and submitted a signed confidentiality agreement to Human Resources, an email message will be sent to you the week of June 25 with the information below.

  • Instructions for logging on (NOTE: This will be much easier if you have already downloaded and installed the VPN and established your VPN account. For instructions, see You will have to log on to the VPN before logging on to Oracle.
  • An initial password that you will be prompted to change when you log on to Oracle (Do not use any symbols, such as $ or @, in your Oracle password. Just use letters and/or numbers.)
  • A warning that you will have to log on by July 12, or the account will be deactivated. If the account is deactivated, you will have to call the ITC Help Desk to have it reactivated. You will not be able to log on during Dim Week.

Can I practice in the Sandbox during Dim Week?
You are encouraged to practice in Sandbox during this period. Be aware, however, that there will be processes you could do in the Training instance that you will not be able to do in Sandbox.

Active PTA Combinations report on website and in Discoverer
The link on the Integrated Systems website to finding your PTAOs first listed the Project owning organization. When the link was changed to reflect information actually in Oracle (also available in Discoverer report), we listed the Award owning organization. We have now changed this so that, once again, you will find your Project owning organization when you look up your PTAOs.



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You are encouraged to practice in Sandbox during this period.

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