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FAS Account to Oracle Project-Task-Award Mapping

Please read these guidelines before opening the P-T-A spreadsheet. There is a link at the bottom of the page to take you to the spreadsheet.

The Excel spreadsheet linked below contains all FAS accounts and all Oracle awards and projects. This is NOT the final spreadsheet, but is over 95% complete. Additional versions will be published as they become available. Please refer to this page every time you open the spreadsheet; this is where new guidelines will be posted. You can use this draft to provide values to internal service providers, Procurement Services, and others who have a need for the information now. There will be few, if any, changes to award and project numbers.

Which are valid combinations?
Only valid PTA combinations should be given out for charging purposes. In most cases, any line with a type of PAP can be considered a direct crosswalk from an FAS account to a PTA combination. These will include all gifts, grants, endowments, intellectual property accounts, and non-HSF agency accounts.

Some lines show Projects without Awards or Awards without Projects (see the Definitions Key tab on the spreadsheet for the symbols of the types). These cannot be used as valid combinations. In many cases, business officers may have made connections and submitted them to the Budget Office. Check with your business officer or ISP Advisor to determine whether the account in question has been assigned a connected Project and Award.

How do I sort the spreadsheet?
The spreadsheet uses the Excel auto filter feature. There are drop down boxes at the top of each column. Select the value by which you want to sort.

What about task?
Use 101 for this value in all cases (except capital projects and the Medical Center).

What about accounts marked for deletion (DEL)?
An FAS account marked for deletion means that it will not be brought forth into Oracle IF it does not have a cash balance on 6/30/01. Please check the listing of deletes for your area to make certain that there will be NO cash balance (plus or minus) on 6/30/01. If you predict there will be a cash balance for an account marked DEL, please contact your ISP advisor immediately so that the account can be established in Oracle.

What do I do if something needs to be corrected?
Requests for changes should be directed to your ISP Advisor.

FAS Account to Oracle Project-Task-Award Mapping Spreadsheet

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