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ISP Bulletin
May 2002


"Important Future Dates" on Current News Page
As noted in the last ISP Bulletin, we have added a small calendar to the top of the Current News web page (the page you see when you click the Enter button on the Integrated System homepage). While the calendar is too small to contain detail, it will provide advance notice of system availability, the details of which will be posted on the Current News page closer to the actual date.

The dates currently posted include:


Memorial Day weekend: System unavailable to current users from 5 pm Friday, 5/24 until 7 am Tuesday, 5/28 for load testing in preparation of the Phase 2 go live event.


Month-end close: System unavailable Friday, 5/31 at noon


Dim period for Phase 2 Go-Live: System unavailable to current users from 5 pm Thursday, 6/20 until 8 am Monday, 6/24.

Recommended Blackout Dates for Project Linking Coming Soon
As many award and project managers know, linking projects and awards while Labor Distribution is being processed will kick all LD transactions related to those projects into that organization’s LD Suspense project. Consequently, retroactive distribution adjustments must be processed for all those transactions.

In an effort to minimize the need for this rework, the ISP will soon add a calendar to the top of the Integrated System Current News page, with recommended blackout dates for initiating project-award linkages for each payroll period.

The first column of the calendar will reflect a “begin” date two days prior to the deadline for completing labor schedules for the pay period. The “end” date in the second column will be entered once labor charges have been sent to Oracle Grants Management.

It is important to note that Oracle will allow you to create linkages during the recommended blackout period, but any labor transactions related to those projects (not yet approved) will be charged to the LD Suspense project. Of course, there are no guarantees that approvals will be completed before the processes commence if you do the linkages before the blackout period. However, following these dates should significantly reduce the likelihood of charges to LD Suspense projects.

We will monitor charges to LD Suspense projects to see if this is a useful tool for users. With at least four pay periods a month, it will take careful planning to do project-award linkages during times that are not blacked out.

Year-End Close Dates
Financial Administration will soon post the dates for year-end close activities. Procurement Services has posted their schedule of cutover dates on their website. Dates when the Integrated System will not be available to departmental Oracle users are as follows:


Year-end close:
All financial users responsibilities end dated Friday, 6/28 at 8 am through Monday, 7/1 at 8 am.


HR departmental responsibilities end dated Friday, 6/28 at 5 pm through Tuesday, 7/2 at 8 am.


Oracle HR/Payroll is Coming…Are You Ready? Bulletins Begin
Future Oracle HR/Payroll users are now receiving periodic “Are You Ready?” bulletins, similar to those sent prior to phase 1 go-live. Anyone interested in viewing these bulletins can go to the ISP News Archive.

Conference Room Pilot 3 Underway
University Human Resources employees and ISP team members are working long and intense days doing the final testing of the Oracle HR/Payroll applications, making certain transactions flow all the way through the Integrated System, ultimately to the General Ledger. This process will continue through most of May.

The Fixed Assets team and Property Accounting staff are also doing their CRP 3, testing the integration of the Oracle Accounts Payable and Purchasing applications with Fixed Assets, as well as depreciation and accounting. Also being identified are cost transfers in Oracle Funds Management that impact Fixed Assets, for example when someone makes a cost transfer because they incorrectly used the Supplies expenditure type rather than the Equipment over $2000 expenditure type for a purchase that should be counted as a fixed asset.

For both HR/Payroll and Fixed Assets, the functionality tested so far indicates that the system is working, as it should. The consensus to date is “no show stoppers.”

Both UHR and Property Accounting are using the CRPs as an opportunity not only to test the system, but also to evaluate how things will work and change with Oracle. UHR is actually going to add an independent CRP 4, on site in the Michie building, as a dress rehearsal for working live in Oracle.

Parallel Payroll Testing a Success
The final parallel payroll test has been completed, and the numbers are adding up just right. The first Oracle payroll should present no surprises.

Benefits, Insurance, Legacy to Oracle, All Being Checked Out
A lot of employment information gets shipped off to the University’s benefits providers each pay period, ensuring employees are covered correctly for health and life insurance and that their tax deferred savings are properly credited. That all happens electronically, and the ISP and the benefit providers are currently testing the interfaces to be certain the correct information is being transmitted and received.

Also being tested are bank interfaces to ensure that direct deposits and earnings statements balance out.

And, importantly, we have to be sure all the employee information from the current system transfers accurately into the Oracle applications. Subscribing to the philosophy that practice makes perfect, the ISP is now doing their sixth practice conversion in preparation for the final pre-go-live conversion. “We’re able to do it better, faster, and smarter each time,” says Barbara Henry, Phase 2 functional lead. “All this preparation will make the final conversion a much smoother process.”

Register Now or Risk Not Being Trained for Go-Live
Future Oracle HR/Payroll users were quick out of the gate in signing up for training. While initial percentages enrolled were high, they are now staying fairly constant, with new people being assigned responsibilities. Classes are only scheduled through June 21. Anyone who has not yet registered for training must do so soon, or risks not being trained prior to the June 26 go-live date.



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"The first Oracle payroll should present no surprises."

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