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July 2002


Project Funding Blackout Calendar on Current News Page
The promised calendar to minimize the likelihood of labor distribution transactions going to LD Suspense projects is now a reality on the Integrated System Current News web site.

The first column of the calendar reflects a “begin” date two days prior to the deadline for completing labor schedules for the pay period. The “end” date in the second column is entered when labor charges have been sent to Oracle Grants Management for the pay period.

It is recommended that individuals with the Award Manager or GM Setup Specialist responsibilities do not create award-project linkages during the blackout periods for projects to which labor will be charged. Oracle will allow you to create linkages, but any labor transactions related to those projects will be charged to the LD Suspense project if the linkage has not been approved by the time LD is processed, two days after the blackout period begin date.

LD Specialists may want to consult with the Award Manager for their projects before scheduling labor if they have any concern that new linkages may have been processed.

While there are no guarantees that approvals will be completed before the LD processes commence if you follow the blackout recommendations, it is expected that the numbers of transactions going to LD Suspense projects should be significantly reduced. We will monitor charges to LD Suspense projects to see if this is a useful tool for users.

Discoverer BBA Report Modifications Reviewed
The Reports Task Force is proposing changes to the Discoverer Budget Balance Available (BBA) reports to simplify and standardize the reports, and to allow Project-to-date and/or Fiscal YTD budget totals to cross-foot on the total lines. The goal is to have a single report format that serves everyone's needs, regardless of the type of budget associated with an award. The Task Force would like feedback on how the proposed new design meets your needs.

The proposed changes can be viewed by running the following BBA reports:

  1. IS.FM_Award BBA by Award Manager (new)
  2. IS.FM_Project BBA by Child Organization (new)
  3. IS.FM_Project BBA by Expenditure Type (new)
  4. IS.FM_Project BBA by Task (new)

Note: Both the old and new versions will be available beginning Monday, July 15, 2002, until we have had a chance to assess feedback from users.

Click here for details of the changes and whom to contact with feedback.


New Implementation Schedule Set for HR/Payroll
September 26 will mark the beginning of the final conversion of data from the Human Resources and Payroll legacy systems to the Oracle Human Resources and Payroll applications. Employees will begin to work in the new applications on October 3. This time was selected to accommodate month-end close and the completion of the last biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payrolls for September. The system will not be available for current Oracle users from 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 25, until 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 1. Click here to see the full deployment schedule.

Refresher Courses Begin In August
The theory of “just-in-time” training took a hit when the HR/Payroll go-live date changed. However, it was not a knockout punch. Refresher classes have been scheduled, beginning in August, and are starting to fill. These classes are strongly encouraged for all future Oracle HR/Payroll applications users, and required for some (those for whom it is required have been so notified). It is important to note that refresher classes, by themselves, do not qualify a person to be assigned an Oracle responsibility. These classes are only for people who have completed their regular Oracle training.

Special Request: If at all possible, please carpool to training and refresher sessions. With three classes taking place concurrently, the parking lot will be beyond capacity. We are trying to make accommodations, but it would help enormously if people carpool.

Practice Makes Perfect – Special Scenarios Available
Summer time might mean a slightly lightened workload, leaving a bit of time to practice your new Oracle skills. The Sandbox instance is available for all responsibilities except Timekeeper (see below for Timekeeper practice options). Just log onto the Sandbox instance on the Application Launcher page.

Special scenarios have been created to facilitate practice for employees with the HRMS Specialist and HRMS Faculty & Staff Reviewer responsibilities. To view these scenarios,

  • Select Human Resources from the yellow column on the How Do I? page
  • Select either HRMS Specialist or HRMS Faculty/Staff Reviewer
  • Scroll down to the Reference Documents section
  • Select Sandbox Practice Scenarios

Timekeepers may log into the Training Instance (not Sandbox) to practice entering time for salaried and wage employees. 

1.  Log into the training instance of Oracle using one of the following training user IDs:  CB1 through CB18 or CH1 through CH24.  The password is Oracle. 

2.  Log in as UVA HRMS Timekeeper.

3.  Run a query to find a timecard.

  • To enter time and leave for a salaried employee, query on the name "Jefferson" using the wildcard (i.e. enter "Jefferson%" in the Full Name field.)  You can scroll down from one timecard to the next by pressing the down arrow key on your keyboard or the Page Down key.
  • To enter time for a wage employee, query on the name "Madison" using the wildcard (i.e. enter "Madison%" in the Full Name field.)  Again, scroll down from one timecard to the next by pressing the down arrow key on your keyboard or the Page Down key.

4.      Practice entering time and leave.
If you query a timecard that already has changes, this simply means that someone else has already made changes to that timecard that day.  You may make additional changes if you wish to the same timecard, or choose a different timecard.  If you get a message that says "Unable to Reserve Record", exit out of the timecard and choose another.  This message means that another Oracle user is currently using that timecard.

Conference Room Pilot 4 Nears Completion
Throughout July the ISP team will hire 88 people, terminate 35, promote or transfer 36, change 160 employees’ information, add/change benefits for 136 employees, and pay 310. No one will ever see the results of these actions, but the process will serve to fully test the Oracle Human Resources and Payroll applications as they will be implemented at the University of Virginia on October 3.

By the end of July, ISP team members will have entered and tested close to 3,000 distinct test cases in the final conference room pilot for these applications. This full integration covers every HR/Payroll transaction type, all conversions and modifications, letters, and reports, and assures that everything rolls through the right applications up to the General Ledger.

“To date, our testing has gone very well,” says Barbara Henry, Phase 2 functional lead. “We have done some fine tuning, primarily on reports and letters. We will definitely be ready to hand the system over to University Human Resources for their review the first of August.”



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"Employees will begin to work in the new applications on October 3."

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