Integrated Systems Project - Special Update - January 13, 1999

This week, the Integrated Systems Project achieved two milestones!

1. On Monday, January 11, the University signed a contract with KPMG to work on the Planning Phase of the Integrated Systems Project. KPMG was one of the two finalist firms identified by the Core Assessment Team. The planning effort began on Tuesday when members of the KPMG planning team moved into the ISP office space at Fontaine Avenue. During the Planning Phase, a comprehensive and detailed Project Plan will be developed and approved. This plan will serve as the road map for the Integrated Systems Project and is scheduled to be completed by June of this year. The implementation phase will commence as soon as possible thereafter.

2. Web Site: A revised web site for the Integrated Systems Project was launched on Tuesday, January 12. It can be viewed by going to the U.Va. home page and then to administrative offices. We are under the "I’s".