Integrated Systems Project Update - March/April 1999


1. Status of negotiations
Project planning phase
Town Meeting held to discuss employment opportunities
Recruiting efforts
Move to PRA Building

  1. Status of negotiations

    The ISP is in the final stages of negotiations with both software vendor firms. There are many delicate issues involved in the software contract negotiations such as licensing fees, maintenance fees, the provision of a database on which to run the software applications, and guarantees to deliver needed functionality. It is essential that these negotiations be concluded before the project can move into the project planning phase.

  2. Project planning phase

    The ISP staff continues to prepare for the comprehensive 12-week project planning phase. One of the most important activities to be conducted during the planning phase will be to identify any major gaps between the capabilities of the software and the University’s requirements. The University’s requirements were included in the RFP and also in the demonstration scripts used last summer when each vendor demonstrated their software at the Darden School. A much more detailed examination of the successful vendor’s software will be conducted during the project planning phase. Where major gaps in functionality are identified, tentative solutions will be determined and documented. Some possible solutions are:

    - Software vendor supplies missing functionality through additions to their product

    - Purchase 3rd party software which integrates well with the software vendor’s product

    - Change University policies and/or procedures (business process improvement)

    During the gap/solutions activity, it is important to have the perspective of field personnel, as well as central office personnel. This will ensure that the systems are ultimately designed to meet the needs of all members of the University community. The ISP staff have been working closely with the central offices, schools, and auxiliary units to identify personnel who can contribute to this important effort.

  3. Town Meeting held to discuss employment opportunities

    On April 7, the Integrated Systems Project and the Department of Human Resources held a Town Meeting to discuss project employment opportunities. Approximately 75 people attended the event. Bill Randolph provided an overview of both the project and current job openings Tom Gausvik addressed issues such as classification, compensation, job guarantees, etc.

  4. Recruiting efforts

    Mr. "H.T." Brown has accepted the position of Computer Systems Senior Engineer for the Integrated Systems Project. Mr. Brown has a long record of successful achievement in Financial Administration. He will coordinate all day-to-day computer and network support for the project.

    The ISP is continuing its efforts to recruit for the following positions: Communications Manager, Training Manager, Technical Lead, Finance Lead, Finance Team Leaders and Finance Team Members. It is expected that job offers will be extended for the communications, training, technical, and finance lead positions within the next few weeks. It is important that these key personnel be on board prior to the beginning of the project planning phase. It is anticipated that the Finance Lead will assist in the further recruitment of team leaders and team members.

  5. Move to the PRA Building

    At the end of April, the ISP will move to the second floor of the PRA Building at 2400 Old Ivy Road. This will be the permanent location for the project. The space will undergo minor renovations in order to accommodate the needs of the ISP. For example, several War Rooms are planned as permanent space for each project team. These spaces will have networked computers as well as ample surface space for drawings, charts, etc. These rooms will be the primary creative space for the project and will be outfitted accordingly.