Integrated Systems Project Update - May 1999


  1. Technical and Finance Implementation Leaders Hired
  2. ISP moves to 2400 Old Ivy Road
  3. Pre-planning Learning Sessions
  4. Software Negotiations
  5. Board of Visitors Presentation
  6. Other Recruiting Activities

 Technical and Finance Implementation Leaders Hired

  1. On June 1, Virginia Evans will join the ISP as the Technical Leader. Virginia has served as the Chief Operating Officer of ITC since November of 1995. As Technical Leader, she will oversee and facilitate all technical resources for the project, including technical staffing, hardware, and software. The ISP Technical Leader will be working closely with ITC leadership and staff to ensure that all of the technical needs of the project are coordinated and delivered in a manner consistent with the University’s technical standards.

    "I am delighted that Virginia has chosen to join our effort", says Bill Randolph. "I have worked with her for many years in the University’s Process Simplification effort and know that she is dedicated to the creation of a solid technical foundation for our project. Her background in ITC will enhance her ability to bring the necessary technical resources to our project in a cooperative manner. In addition, she has a background in business process reengineering that will be helpful to us."

    On June 15, Matt Waldron will join the project as the Finance Implementation Leader. Matt has served as the Controller for the U.Va. Medical Center since 1996. He has also been very involved in the Medical Center’s PeopleSoft project. He served as the project manager for the installation of the financial systems and also for the first upgrade to a new version of the software. Matt also has a breadth of financial knowledge resulting from his prior employment with both Price Waterhouse and KPMG.

    "Matt was selected from a pool of very qualified applicants", according to Randolph. "He brings a unique blend of financial experience and demonstrated success in implementing a similar software package at the University of Virginia. One of his first tasks will be to familiarize himself with the business processes within the academic division and, also, the people who manage and operate them. He will also begin to assist us in the selection of team leaders and team members for the Phase 1 implementation effort."


  2. ISP moves to 2400 Old Ivy Road

    On April 30th, the Integrated Systems Project moved from the Fontaine Research Park ("the VNI building") to its permanent location on the second floor of 2400 Old Ivy Road ("the PRA building"). The new location includes office space, training rooms and "war" rooms that will be assigned to each project team. Everyone is invited to come out and look around!

    Other occupants of 2400 Old Ivy Road (1st Floor) are Organizational Development & Training, the Qatar Project, the Institute for Substance Abuse Studies, and the Center for Government Studies. In addition, ITC will maintain a tape storage facility in the building.


  3. Pre-planning Learning Sessions

    KPMG, the consultants for the ISP Planning Effort, conducted two sessions during early May in which they shared experiences from other similar higher education institutions that are implementing similar software packages. One session was dedicated to the technical aspects of an installation and was well attended by staff from ITC who will provide technical support to the ISP. The second session was dedicated to the functional aspects of an installation (finance and human resources applications) and was well attended by staff from Financial Administration, University Human Resources, Purchasing, and the Budget Office. In addition, many of the business officers from the schools attended these sessions or sent representatives. These sessions provided the attendees with valuable information on the opportunities and challenges that will be encountered during both project planning and implementation.


  4. Negotiations

    Software negotiations are ongoing. These are delicate proceedings and it is not possible to reveal much detail about the status of this effort. The ISP staff is working closely with Purchasing and KPMG to ensure the best possible outcome in this important area. It is hoped that these negotiations can be concluded in the next few weeks so that the Planning Phase can then commence.


  5. Presentation to the Board of Visitors

    On May 14, Leonard Sandridge and Bill Randolph presented an update on the Integrated Systems Project. The Board was informed of the current status of the project and the work that will be performed during the Planning Phase. As part of the Planning Phase, a business case will be prepared and then presented to the Board in the fall. Board approval will then allow the project to move into the first implementation phase.


  6. Other Recruiting Activities

    Searches are still underway for the Training Manager and the Communications Manager. Decisions on both of these positions should be made soon.

    Offers have not yet been made for finance team leaders and team members. Preliminary interviews have been held with many candidates. Hiring decisions will not be made until software negotiations are complete and the Planning Phase has commenced.